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The World is Ending There have always been many conspiracy theories about when the world is supposed to end. People have said that the world is going to end over and over, and now people have just stopped listening or caring.


Samy wanted to date but never knew how to meet someone. One day her sister told her she had set up a date for her and she needed to go on it. She got dressed up nicely and decided to go. They meet and go on a blind date at 4:30 in the social housing estate because it’s a beautiful place to go for a date. Also the blind date starts something big something about the world! Jim feels it he feels something that's going down. Jim scream’s and warns them but he only warns Samy first, and Samy gets mad at Jim for not telling her in the first place. So they both try to warn them but they didn't believe them that the word was ending. Since no one was listening, Samy yelled and said “ it’s really happening the world is ending!” Now the countdown starts to disaster,the world is ending in 3,2,1 BOOM! They need to hide for safety or they will die! Samy and Jim were scared! They had nothing to do besides be safe and try not to go out of the house that they stayed in. Jim tries to apologize to samy for not telling her when they talked on the phone and now Samy didn’t talk to Jim for 2 days because she was really mad at Jim, and Jim on the other hand wanted Samy to talk to him because he was so lonely without Samy to talk to him!


It’s been a month since the world ended and Samy finally talked to Jim. They had no more food to eat and now they had to go out and find a store so they can get some food and some drinks so they are not dehydrated. They couldn’t find a clothing store because they didn’t like the clothes that they had whoring at their blind date! Jim wanted his date to go well and Jim finally told Samy why he didn’t want to tell her on the phone! So Jim said “Samy I have something to tell you! The reason i didn’t tell u that the world was ending was because I liked you and i just wanted this date to go great.” That was the truth! They found a clothing store Jim goes to the men and Samy goes to the woman section. After that they went back very carefully to the house that they live in now! So they reach the house and then….  A big thing comes down fast and just brakes their house to pieces! They ran fast to the social housing estate and they looked and looked and looked but they didn’t find the thing that they were looking for and then there were people still alive and they looked terrified and scared!


They took them to a house that they found not to far from the housing estate. They made sure that Samy was not rude to the people that they stayed with for a month and a half!

After a month they went on a blind date because they wanted to finish and be together forever and ever! Even though it was the end!!


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