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I ran though the cold dense forest every step heavier then the next. Branches caught my cloths and whipped my face. Every now and then I looked back expecting to see what I was running from, but there was only darkness. Feeling like I had been running forever I stopped to breathe.

CRACK!! The sound came from about three meters to my left, instantly a boost of adrenaline made me feel like I was superhuman. BANG!! I fell down, my leg burned like fire. Getting back up was hard but my body was pumping with tons of adrenaline, in a few seconds the pain was gone. Then another BANG!! Something whizzed passed my ear and lodged into the tree in front of me, I then realized I was being shot at.

I came across a cabin and made the quick decision to run inside and hide. I locked the front door and hid in the first room i came to.

BOOM! SLAM! The door burst open, it took a second for my eyes to adjust. There was a man, I couldn't make out anything specific but the gun, his large hands, and height, everything else was covered in black. He was looking down at something on the floor, a wet trail.

Looking to my leg I noticed the blood, the burning came from a small hole in the back of my calf. Quickly I removed my belt and wrapped it tightly around the wound. The man looked my way, he was coming toward me following the crimson trail. I got up and ran towards the closest window thrusting my body through the small square opening. Two shards of glass stuck in my left palm! Pulling them out stung but I don't think I could run with them sticking out. I tore a piece of my ripped shirt to try stop the blood flow.

Continuing the chase became harder as my adrenaline depleted. My vision began to deteriorate as the forest became thicker and snow started to fall from above. Tired and weak I collapsed slowly losing consciousness, drifting slowly into a dark abyss until there was nothing.

My mind began to crawl toward the light, i regained consciousness. I finally found the strength to open my eyes fully only to realize I was being drug across a course icy surface. I felt my blood starting to rush thought every inch of me. Kicking free of the man dragging me caused him to fall over, giving me a chance to run away again. Re-entering the forest the endless chase started again. A large tree fell down in front of me causing me  to fall backward and landing on a stump.

I dislocated my right shoulder and it became limp and lifeless. Luckily the summer before I received training as an EMT and was able to pop the bone back into place swiftly. Running again I started to feel solid concrete below my feet. A voice screamed “LOOK OUT!” I turned my head to see two bright lights speeding toward me!


From one moment to the next complete darkness again! Opening my eyes i woke up on a nicely mowed hill sitting in a fancy reclining lawn chair. Sandals, sunglasses, a ice cold pepsi in one hand a stack of cash in the other. A nice cool breeze blowing gently over my body, as I watched the setting sun, I thought to myself “ Was that a dream?” “Or am I DEAD?”.

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