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Liminal Spaces: Art by Payton Cook


Thursday May 23, 2019: 9:00am to Friday July 5, 2019: 9:00pm


Downtown Library: 3rd Floor Exhibit


Liminal moments occur when a person is between two spaces. This exhibition of work by local artist Payton Cook explores the theme of liminality: the moment between inside and outside, between being home and leaving home, between life and final breath. Liminality addresses the past and stands at the threshold the future. It is the feeling of not knowing what lies ahead as a door closes on the past.

Several of the artworks in this exhibition are from Cook’s most current series “Houses of Detroit.” In this current series she explores not only the liminal space through transitory images like doors and windows, but also exposes and raises awareness for conditions of homes in the United States. These acrylic canvases and charcoal drawings examine places and moments that are commonly overlooked, providing the viewer with a fresh chance to observe and reflect.