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not a shout of pain, nor a tremble of fear, but a thought. inside your mind—it is spiraling every moment you’re alive.               your mother & father, too busy to care. no one knows how fake a smile can truly be.

 and at school, your teachers & friends smile and say hi. but no one sees the thoughts inside your head.      the life you have? you’re better off dead.


you're scared & terrified of yourself, screaming and shouting in—but no sound comes out. this is why you’re alone. swimming. gasping. in exile.                you start to accept the path you’re going down. every moment your sister snaps at you, in return she’s called a bitch. each time your parents try to help, they’re given the chance to accept who you have become. but. but i’ve been there too. the thoughts command & your feelings obey. hoping to bring down each person nearer to your heart.


                see that?

the sun understands,                disappearing at times to take care of herself. you too, are learning, how to balance work and rest. let your friends & family into your life; they’re there to help. whether sick, alone, or broken,          you are worth a million fights & tears don’t let go stay strong. you're not alone & you never were.


believe me.

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