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‘Twas dark outside, everything was quiet throughout the caverns of Jabooti’s home (antagonist of the story, and yes that is her real name). Quiet at least until the thundering sound of Karen’s shrieking laughter echoed everywhere.

“Okay, okay. How about this one: Jabooti is very perky today!”

Jabooti did not appreciate the puns, so she attempted stabbed our protagonist. Literally. But Karen the old lady continued on with her terrible puns.

“Die, die, die!” Jabooti screamed as she stabbed the old lady. Karen only laughed. She was immortal.

“You can never best me! Jabooti is too flat for my power!” screeched Karen.

“But you just freaking said it was perky today!” yelled Jabooti.

“Can a wall be perky? Because that’s how perky Jabooti is!” Karen cackled again, her hoarse voice echoing off of Jabooti’s evil lair: The Cave.

Jabooti attempted to stab the old lady, but failed, ending in Jabooti falling on her booty.

“Shhhhhhhhii-take mushrooms! That hurt!” Jabooti said right before Karen came in with swift blow to Jabooti’s booty; ending the tragedy. Jabooti’s booty was gone.

“Ja booty is dead,” Karen said smiling and walking away, leaving Jabooti to wallow in sorrow.


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