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The Mad Hatter's Totally Pretend Tea Party!


Friday August 16, 2019: 2:00pm to 5:00pm


Downtown Library: Youth Department

For Whom

Preschool-Grade 3


You and your little one are cordially invited to a super fun, totally imaginary tea party!  Stretch your imagination with an afternoon of pretend tea served in empty cups and an assortment of plastic play-time confections.  Meet a few of your favorite characters and enjoy an assortment of fun crafts and activities!

Feeling sluggish from all those pretend tea-time sweets?  Head over to the Story Corner to burn off those imaginary calories with some super fun with Wonderland-style croquet!  Kids can play a simplified version of the game and win stickers. 

Also, head down to the Secret Lab for a truly dizzying array of fun craft projects! 

mad hatter


Illustration - Original block print of the tea party from Alice in Wonderland.  Alice, the March Hare, The Doormouse and the Mad Hatter sitting at a table.Alice holding a FlamingoVictorians playing Croquet



Peeked in on my lunch break, and was amazed at the beautiful, clever decorations at tea table, croquet, and downstairs level (the door awning, mushrooms, etc.), the costumed staff (amazing costumes), and all the fun (Walrus and MadHatter were so funny, the late Rabbit, too), and really clever activities! Hope you took lots of photos because it was really an amazing event (used 3 'amaze' words' -- it really was!). Thank you to AADL hard-working staff.