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A connection of the world with an invisible string.

Cutting this thread would make life as we know it die off and leave us with a silent sting.

So many conversations nonexistent, relationships never made.

Jobs never created, and those great talents would never get paid.

The power to allow you to travel back in time.

The exact place your body was, the feeling in your gut, and true emotion in its prime.

Gives ability to escape into a void through fixed vibrations.

Signals each part of who you are to make hasty altercations.

To fill the bottomless hole at the drop of a hat.

You need your bottled tears to fall?

Unmotivated feet to move faster?

It can cover all of that.

The power it holds, the master key for the societal world to stay in orbit.

Unlike the oxygen in my lungs, instead the depths of my soul is where I store it.

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