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       I’ve always loved a good mystery; the suspense and action has always been interesting to me. But one of the greatest mysteries I had ever seen, was not in a book or movie, but my life, and who I could really trust.

      My name is Chanie Creek, I’m 18 years old, and I go to Ashton County High school. My life was pretty normal the first sixteen years of my life, my mother and father had good jobs, I lived in a good neighborhood, went to a good school, and then… My mother died.

     My mom died two years ago in a car accident. Although, I don’t think it was an accident. She was an FBI agent, and was heading home from work when supposedly a man “driving under influence” jammed into the side of her car when the car flipped over and was crushed from the top. The car was totaled, and so was my mother.

     Me and my father grieved differently, me, hiding in my room looking through old picture books and video logs with me and my family.  My father, well, he had a different idea of grieving, he was always at a bar getting drunk, trying to forget my mother, just like he had forgotten about me

     About four months ago, my dad met this woman named Burgundy Clarke, the foulest woman I have ever met. He immediately fell in love with her, or that’s what he told me, but I knew I would never love her like I loved my mom, and I’m pretty sure the feeling was mutual, she never tried to act nice around me. She just sat there acting like she was following my father’s every word.

      Burgundy was about 10 years younger than my father, she had long blonde hair and green eyes. She wore way too much makeup and had the most annoying voice I had ever heard in my life. The first time I met her, the only thing I could think was, how could he replace Mom with her?

        My father had been going out with her for a few weeks before I got to meet her, but when I did, I was not impressed. We had a so-called “family dinner”, at least, that’s what Mom used to call it. My dad made me cook, and I was alright with that, because I actually have been dabbling in cooking, and my mother taught me a few recipes.

      At first, I was actually quite excited to meet my dad’s new girlfriend, I thought that it could be a good chance, maybe Dad would finally become my dad again, and support the family like he’s supposed to. Nope, Burgundy was just about the opposite of what I was expecting, which I guess I was expecting Mom. I was already set up for disappointment, but Burgundy came no where near being a good mother figure, first of all, she had no table manners, she chewed with her mouth opened, talked with food in her mouth, and belched at the table like no one was there. She also said like about twice every sentence. “Like, my stupid boss was like, ‘Burgundy, you can’t like, just come to work when you want to, you have to come your specific hours, like, get your act together’. And I was like, no he didn’t.”

     My dad laughed at this, but I just sat there and rolled my eyes, of course, she’s probably lonely and jobless like my dad, I thought. Later on, that night we found out that she had been fired from three different jobs in six months. But her dad supplied her with enough money to end world hunger. This woman just gets worse and worse, I thought. “You know Conner, you should like send Chanie to a boarding school, that way she could live somewhere where she’s like practically forced to make friends.” Burgundy told my dad in her snooty little voice, I’m pretty sure that she was trying to get a reaction out of me, but people like her saying stuff like that don’t really get to me, and technically, it’s true, I don’t have many friends, but I’m an independent kind of person, my books are my friends.

     “Yeah, I might just do that.” My dad said, at that, I froze,

     “Haha, dad, that’s funny.” I said through gritted teeth.

     He looked at me dully, like I was an annoying co-worker that asked him a stupid question, “What’s so funny?”  He asked gruffly

     “Dad,” I said nervously, “You aren’t actually considering sending me to Boarding School?”

     “Why not, not like you have anything here?” He responded in his stupid know-it-all voice, but he knew nothing,

     “How do you know that?” I snapped at him, “Not like you know anything about my life, like when is my birthday? What school do I go to? Where do I make all the money that supports this family while you’re off getting drunk?”

     He stared at me blankly, Burgundy was on the sidelines enjoying the whole thing, I could see it in her eyes.

     “Exactly, so don’t assume you know so much about my life, and don’t act like you won’t need me, I guess you haven’t gotten it through your stupid brain that your money you spend at the bar doesn’t grow on trees, it comes from me, your daughter who cares enough to supply you your filthy money, and not go buy a house far, far away from here!” I was to the boiling point, “And do you know why I stay?!”

      Again, he sat there with that stupid look on his face, dumbfounded.

     “Because I know that you would just die, just like that, you wouldn’t get a job, you would just drink yourself dead!”

     He finally got through his head what I was saying and got an angry look on his face, “Chanie, you have no right to- “

     I cut him off, “No dad, you have no right to act like I’m a worthless pile of dirt, because I think we both know who the actual worthless one is!” I stood up shoving my chair into the wall. I stormed upstairs to my room, and slammed the door shut behind me.

     I walked over to my bed and grabbed the action/romance story I had been reading. I was sitting there for a couple of minutes, when someone knocked on my door.

     “Who is it?” I called,

     “It’s Burgundy!” she called in,

      Oh joy, I thought, the woman who’s trying to get rid of me is trying to comfort me, this should go well. I walked to the door and slightly opened it to see Burgundy standing there with an annoyed look on her face.

     “Take your time with opening the door.” She said, rolling her eyes,

     “What do you want?” I asked her plainly,

     “Can I come in?” She asked in an annoyed voice,

     I sighed and stepped back so she could step through, I wasn’t worried about her seeing my room because I kept it pretty tidy.

     “Look, maybe you should consider going to Boarding School.” She said

     I shook my head in frustration, “But- “

     She cut me off, “Let me finish, I think it would be good if you went to Boarding School, you would get away from here, you could make new friends, get rid of me and your father. And if you decide to go, me and your father were thinking about moving in together, so I would be able to supply him with the money he needs.”

     I thought about this for a moment,

     “Just give it some thought Chanie, it might be nice to get away from here and get a new beginning.”

     I was overwhelmed, was Burgundy Clarke being, nice to me?

     She then got an irritated look back on her face and walked out of my room.

     Two weeks from the “Family Dinner”, me and my father hadn’t spoken a word to each other, we got back into our regular routine with me going to school, then work all day, and my dad going to the bar.  

     I finally decided that I was going to try out Boarding School. I called Burgundy, and she was thrilled. I was just ready to get rid of my father, my school, and just my life at home. She emailed me a link to a school she recommended. And to be honest, it didn’t look that great. I decided that I was going to go there for the summer course, in a month, which was the only one I came close to being able to pay for.

     After deciding to go to Boarding school, I had to work as hard as I could and cut back on expenses to pay for School. On a school day, I started working from 3:30 in the afternoon, to 10:00 at night, and from 7:00 to 11:00 on Saturday. Anytime I was at home, I was asleep. My schedule had gotten so hectic and tiring, I forgot to check the date and the time.

     It was 12:24 at night as I was about to fall asleep when I got a text from Burgundy saying, when is the registry for your school?

     “No!” I yelled, “No No No!” I jumped up and raced to my laptop, I looked at the registry date, 5/23/18, 12:00 P.M.

     “That was today!” I yelled, “No No No, Why?!?!” I looked at the time, 12:30 P.M,

     “Keep it down!” I heard from my father’s bedroom with a muffled voice,

     I started to cry, “All this hard work,” I walked back to my bed and picked up my phone. I was about to text Burgundy, but I was just too sad to hear her annoying lecture, so I threw my phone across the room with a satisfying crash, then snuggled up in my covers and cried myself to sleep.

     The next morning Burgundy texted me again and it said, I found the registry date in the brochure, thanks for letting me know-with an eye rolling emoji- Did you turn in your application on time?

     I sighed, even though I didn’t like Burgundy, and I knew the reason she wanted me to move out was simply just to get me off of her hands, I still didn’t want to let her down, so I sent her, Yup, I’m leaving next week, thanks for the help! I decided that when my dad moved in with Burgundy, I would just move to a smaller apartment and pay for the rent with the extra money I earned. I would be gone in a month, and not like dad would care enough to notice I was still home.

     After that day was the last week of school, and I spent it taking tests, working, and in any of my free time, looking for an affordable apartment. On the last day of school, everyone was so excited, except me, that was my last year of school, and I had been planning on going to boarding school, so I didn’t know what I was going to do about future education.

     When I got home, I went straight up to my room, where I got on my laptop to look for schools. Later on, I noticed a text from Burgundy, Are you at school yet?

     I texted her back, on my way, then went back to looking at schools. About thirty minutes later, I heard the doorbell ring, and I looked out my window to see red and blue flashing lights on our driveway. I jetted downstairs to see a man in an FBI uniform holding a gun at my dad, who had his hands behind his head, terrified.

     “What’s going on here?” I asked the man, he then noticed me and looked confused to why I was there, like he had never seen a teenage girl before. Then, Burgundy walked through the door, and before she could say anything, I said, “Burgundy, what is going on?!” She also looked surprised,

     “Chanie, I thought you were heading to school.” She exclaimed, “You’re not supposed to be here.” She looked at the man in the FBI uniform and told him, “Tony, you take him out to the car, I’ll meet you at the station.” The man nodded and handcuffed my dad and took him outside.

     Burgundy grabbed my arm and took me into the living room and sat me on the couch, “Chanie, I’m so sorry about your dad.” I then noticed that Burgundy’s voice sounded different, “Let me explain,” I nodded, “My name isn’t actually Burgundy Clark, it’s Claire Johnson, and I work with the FBI.” I nodded again, and she continued, “I went undercover to investigate your father because he was expected to have been illegally making and selling drugs. At the time, the case for your mother’s death was closed.”

     “Wait, what does my mom’s death have anything to do with this?” I inquired,

     She sighed, “I did some investigations in your father’s emails and any form of messaging to see if he had been notifying anyone about purchasing drugs,”

     “Was he?” I asked, scared of the answer,

     “Yes, he was illegally making and selling drugs, but as I investigated some more, I found something even worse.”

     “What was it?” I asked, terrified of what my father had done,

     Burgundy/Claire was pulling up something on her phone, it was a screenshot of an email in the deleted file, it said, I need you to take out a certain FBI agent, her name is Rachel Creek, she will be on Deleanor Blvd. at around 7:00 P.M. , I need you to crash her car, and make it look like an accident.  

     Reading it made me sob, “My own father killed my mom,” I said, “How could he?” I exclaimed, I looked back at Burgundy/Claire, “Tell me everything.”

     “I assume you think that your father goes to the bar all day while you are school and at work,” I nodded, “Well, he does go to the bar a lot, but he also makes drugs and deals them off at the bar. And he killed your mother because it was too risky to be married to an FBI agent while doing it.”

     “Wait, why were you trying so hard to send me to Boarding School?” I asked her,

     She responded, “I didn’t want you to have to be here when we arrested your father.”

     Suddenly, Burgundy/Claire’s Walkie-Talkie came on with an urgent voice saying, “Claire, Conner Creek just shot down three of our guys and he’s on the run, we need backup!”

     “Shoot!” Claire said under her breath, then looked at me, “I’m sorry Chanie, but I have to go.” She got up and ran out the door, and I never saw her again.

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