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I’ve gotten used to sitting on the bench and just think. I think about when mom will come home. I don’t understand why she isn't home yet. She said she would be home for my birthday. I misses her terribly I never stop thinking about her. I hope that she will surprise me in my sleep. I hopes that the day she returns that she will be happy to see me.
Dad Says that she is happy and maybe one day I will go live with her. He says that One day the 4 of us will be together again, and forever and not just for a small visit but forever.
My older sister says that dad is lying, she says that mom is never coming home and that we will never see her again. I don’t believe her I think that she's just sad.
Mom promised that she will always come back no matter what. Before she left she said that she will go to Germany and she will bring presents for us. I ask if she would write to us, she said no. She said that she would be far to busy to be able to write. She told me that I should talk to the stars, they will keep me company. Mom says that she will be able to hear me when she is flying in the sky.
Sister says that it is a waste of time. She says that mom isn't listening. She says that mom is no longer flying a plane but she is flying with wings. Dad tells sister that she is wrong, that mom will come back, in a plane with presents. He says that she will be happy to see us.
It’s been 2 weeks since mom said she would be home. She still isn't, I miss her. I miss the songs she would sing to us before we slept. I miss all the good things she did for us. At night I hear my sister weep in her sleep. I hear her call out to mom. I don’t get why she crying. She should be happy that mom will be back soon. She told me that I should give up and accept that mom isn’t coming home. That’s not what mom taught me. She told me to be strong and never to give up no matter what.
Dad has been sadder lately. I wonder why?
It’s my 7th birthday. Dad says that he will buy a cake. He told me he would buy me one thing from the shop. I told him I didn’t want something from the shop, I wanted to see mom. He said that mom would be home soon.
It’s my 8th birthday. There was a knock on the door today. Two men dressed like soldiers came the spoke to my dad. They handed him a black and red box. Then soon left. The door closed and Dad began to cry. I never saw him cry. He look injured. He looked scared. I didn’t know what to do. I sat next to him and hold his hand. He looked at me and began to cry harder. He tried to say something but he couldn’t. Soon he stopped crying. He got up, grabbed the box and walked into the kitchen. I saw him open the box. He pulled out a picture. I couldn’t see of what it was. Soon sister return from school. She asked what was wrong. Dad looked up and said nothing. Sister began to walk towards him. She began to cry. They didn’t tell me what was wrong.
On Tuesday we went to church, which was weird because their isn’t church on Tuesdays. Dad dressed me up in a black suit. Sister wore a black dress that was plane, it looked dull. Dad told me that everything was going to be okay.
We returned home. I was sad. I didn't know what to feel. Dad lied to me. He said everything was going to be okay. He said mom was coming back home. He didn’t tell me that she was gone. He didn’t tell me a year ago when she went missing. He didn’t even tell me now. I found out when I saw her face in a box. She look peaceful. She was dressed nicely. He made me have false hope. He lied. I should of listen to sister.
Mom was gone. The war ended. She was not coming home. At least not breathing.
It’s my 22th birthday. I don’t celebrate it. I sit in my home reading. The president announced the draft. Sister and dad cry when they hear this. I don’t.
They received a letter.
Dad was right. I would be with mom one day. This time forever.

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