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His name. A simple word of two-syllables. Yet, that name held all that could have been. Tears brimmed her muddy brown eyes at the mention of his name. It made her shiver, almost as if a rush of cold air had entered her body. She fell into reverie, imagining of the time she could have spent talking to him, laughing with him, and listening to his countless stories. But, most of all, she longed for the way in which he could have stared into her plain, muddy brown eyes. His eyes, ones that transitioned from a hazel brown to an olive green every season, made her believe in her fantasy, wishing it were the truth. However, that was simply a transient moment; the mention of another name brought her back to what was real. It was the two-syllable name of the other girl with eyes of cornflower blue, the one who had made her fantasy into a reality. Yet, for the first time, she pushed away her tears and put on an over-sized sweatshirt. That boy had a hold on her, but she was finally escaping his grasp, letting go of her fantasy world.

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