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“Hey you guys need to stop that!” said the boy who was drenched in slime while the boys walking by laughing uncontrollably.

“Hey guys I think that we should do a big prank on this school,” said Albert.

“Naw man,” said Zach, I think we should change the prank to a prank in the downtown mall.”

“Why shouldn’t we pull a prank on the school?” wondered Albert.

“Well, mainly because if we want to make a stand then we should make a prank where many people are,” said Zach.

“Maybe we should do a prank with water balloons where we would dump a bucket full of water balloons on the few unlucky people,” said Wen.

“That wasn’t really what I was thinking. I was thinking more like a fake shooting with real looking fake guns like we see on Youtube,” said Zach.

“Oh, okay well it sounds great but I am pretty much afraid of what’ll happen to us after we pull the prank,” said Albert.

“Albert, you shouldn’t be so unsure about this because we are just kids, the police can’t do anything too bad to us,” said Flick. “I think it is a pretty good plan.”

“Actually this prank does seem to be much better than my prank, so I’m on board with this prank. How about you, Albert? You are the last one out of all of us that needs to either agree or think of a better plan,” said Wen.

“Man, it is gonna be fine,” said Flick as he put his arms around Albert.

“Oh, okay,” said Albert “I guess it will be okay.”

“Alright,” said Flick. “Let’s make a plan, anybody got ideas?”.

“Ooo, I do, I think we should get some airsoft gear then, get fake paint and then choose one of us to be the decoy,” said Albert.

“Ooo, I  thought you didn’t like this idea but at the end, you actually have a good idea,” said Zach surprised.

“Yeah cause I didn’t think it would have a great outcome but I knew it was going to be a good idea,” said Albert.

“I actually do agree because it doesn’t sound complicating nor does it seem as if we could get in trouble by the police after the prank,” said Wen.

“I think it is pretty good, but I don’t know where to get supplies?” wondered Flick.

“Well look who is the last one now Mr. Hotshot,” said Albert.

“Oooo roasted,” said Flick and Wen basically at the same time.

“Well fine I guess it is a pretty good plan and also Flick isn’t your family rich enough to buy the supplies?” said Zach.

“Unlike other families,” interrupted Wen.

“Oh right,” said Flick remembering how much money he has. “Yeah, I guess I could convince my parents to get us some airsoft guns and protection.”

“Okay great we got that out of the way, what else do we need to do? what about the decoys and or paint balloons,” said Albert, feeling much better about his plan.

“I could supply the paint but not the balloons because my mom sells paintings that she makes as a hobby,” said Wen.

“I can get the decoys since my older sister is going to design school in the fashion section for college and she uses mannequins when her friend can’t come and practice with her which is most of the time so she has many mannequins,” said Zach.

“I guess I should get the balloons then,” said Albert.

“That’s great because that was all I was thinking when I thought of this plan,” said Zach.

“Okay great, I think we should go to the mall and meet in the boy’s bathroom on the 2nd floor at 4 p.m. sharp,” said Flick.

The boys broke off as the bell rang signaling the end of the day. As Albert walked home he felt much better about the plan the more he thought about it. When Albert got home his mother asked him “what’s new,” and Albert replied with “need to buy party supplies at the party store.”

“Oh, dear, why do you need party supplies? Are you throwing a surprise party with Wen, Zach, and  Flick? Because I think you should play with some of the younger kids in the neighborhood.”

“Well Mom, they are older, but they treat me the same way they treat their other, older friends, so that’s why I need  to get balloons from the party store to pull a prank.”

“Another prank? That must be like the 5th one this week.”

“Well did I get injured for the past 4 other pranks? Well no I didn’t, so I think that I’ll be fine at this prank since they can’t make me do that many hard things if any.”

“Well anyways, honey, when do you even want to leave for the store anyway?”

“I don’t know maybe we could leave in about an hour.”

“Oh, sorry honey, I’m having my friends come over to watch the synchronized swimming event in the summer Olympics.”

Ding Dong

“Oh and here they are. Hey girls, you ready to get your sporty fan self on?”

“Oh yeah,” said like every girl in the doorway.

Albert slowly walked away from his mother's side and up the stairs while he thought of calling his friends to see if they could come over and hang. But sadly as every call to his friends finished, his hope of getting somebody to hang out with was dying until the final call to Flick.


“Hello, who is this?” wondered Flick.

“You don’t name each phone number that has called you, do you?” said Albert.

“Yeah,  no I don’t. I don’t always remember to name each one,” said Flick.

“Well anyways, can you come over to hang out because I can’t do anything while my mom’s friends are over for the Olympics,” asked Albert. “And also I need a ride to the Dollar Tree since I need to buy the supplies that I said that I would buy.”

“Actually, that is a great idea because I also need to buy my supplies since I haven’t had any time until now,” said Flick.

“Great, now what time are you able to come over and pick me up?” asked Albert.

“I can come over at around 1:00 after my mom gets home from work,” said Flick.

“Cool see you then,” said Albert.



“Hey Wen,” said Albert, opening the door, “how’s it going?”

“Hey Albert,” said Flick, entering the doorway, “I’m doing great.  Could I use the restroom here?”

“Yeah, sure,” said Albert pointing at their hallway which was dark and mysterious with no lights on there. “It’s across the hallway and the second door to your left, also while you're in there I’ll be grabbing the cash I will be using.” While Flick was looking for their bathroom, Albert walked up to his room to where he kept his stash of cash.


Right as Flick walked out of the bathroom Albert comes down from his room with his money which got Flick surprised since he was sure that he told Albert on the phone that he would pay.

“Albert, what are you doing with your cash?” asked Flick. “I mean, didn’t I tell you over the phone that I  would pay your supplies for you?”

“Oh, you must've forgotten to tell me since I don’t remember ever hearing you say that I didn’t have to bring money,” said Albert.

“Oh, I must’ve told you, but either way,  you can just put your money back,” said Flick.

“Thanks,” said Albert as he started up the stairs.


“You good Albert,” asked Flick.

“Yeah, I’m good,” said Albert.

“Good, we should probably get going,” said Flick as he was walking out the door. “Now what do you need to buy again?”

“Oh yeah I need to get some balloons,” said Albert as he walked out the door behind Flick.

“Great, we could go to Dick’s Sporting Goods Store where we could get airsoft guns and gear including your balloons,” said Flick.

“Yeah that is a great idea,” said Albert.



“Hey, Albert we’re here,” said Flick.

“Great,” said Albert.



“Excuse me, ma'am can you show me which aisle the water balloons are on?” asked Albert.

“Yes, this way please,” said Hannah showing Albert to an aisle leaving Flick asking a different worker to a different aisle. “Okay dear I’m sorry to say this but we only have this one type of balloons.”

“This is good, this is what I wanted,” said Albert happily.

“Happy to see you happy, and the exit is that way,” said Hannah walking towards the exit.

Albert grabs the amount he needed and headed towards the exit. Of course, meeting his friend Flick over there with his mother waiting. The small group heads out. Flick and his mother drop Albert at his front door and left him be saying their goodbyes. As Albert walked to his garage door and opened the garage, he felt really happy for the upcoming days. The next day the group of friends met up at the mall in the boys' bathroom as they planned.

“Hey does everybody have everything that they said they would bring,” asked Zach.

“Yes,” said everybody as they took out each of there things to show that they brought it.

“Great,” said Albert.

“Wait, why did I need to buy these balloons again,” asked Albert.

“Oh yeah, so we need those balloons because since we are doing a shooting, maybe we could fill those balloons up with red paint,” said Zach.

“But Zach, said Flick none of us brought any paint since you never told us that we needed paint,” said Flick as everybody else nodded in agreement except for Wen.

“Hey guys,” said Wen “I’m the one who got  the paint for the balloons, remember, cause back at school when we were talking about who was going to get the stuff I said that I would get the paint since my mom paints pictures to earn money,” as he holds up the bottles of paint and showing it to his friend who was giving Zach a hard time.

“Oh,” said Flick and Albert.

“See, I told you guys,” said Zach giving Flick and Albert a noogie.

“Ok, guys lets make a plan,” said Wen.

“Great, so what I was thinking was you guys could just pretend that you were looking at some clothes and at the perfect time,” said Zach.

“Hey, kids no pranks for you today,” said the officer as he followed the kids out the mall.

“Hey guys I think we should get home and start a new plan for the next prank,” said Albert.


The End








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