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I was about to unlock my door when it swung open. My heart leaped into my throat; I couldn't breathe, did he find me?

I opened my door slowly, gripping a sharp pencil just in case.

“Hello?” Silence.


I was in my bedroom when I felt a cold hand on my back.

“Hello there, let's have some fun,” the voice whispered into my ear. I froze, my heart pounding. I couldn’t move.

“Don’t try to call for help unless you want to see your baby girl hung,” He growled.

“You wouldn't! Leave her out of this! I’ll do anything you want, don’t hurt her!” I was screaming, tears rolling down my cheeks.


“Bend over!” he yelled. I did as was told, and after everything, I was bleeding from every part of my body.

“Very good, now if you tell anybody about this, you’ll be sorry,” his voice harsh.


He finally left, I was beaten up and bloody, my body badly bruised. I told no one.


I got a call in the middle of the night. The person spoke softly.

“Hello there, you miss me?” My heart stopped. I could feel my throat closing up. What did he want this time?


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