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By Morgan Lyle                      My Trip

Today me, my brother and my dad are driving to Boston, Massachusetts to pick up my sister because the past three weeks she has been at Boston University doing a summer school program for high schoolers. My Dad said that it is going to be a 9-hour trip, he said that we could bring our PlayStation 4 on the trip to play in the car because after we were also driving another 10 or 12 hours down to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. When our Dad pulled up to our Moms house we grabbed the extra clothes we need and got in the car to drive to Boston. After about one and a half hour of driving, we got to our dads meeting in Ohio which was about an hour so my brother Conor and I played video games. When my dad got out of his meeting we got back on the road, after about 2 hours of driving we stopped and got some lunch at around 12:00. After we got the food we got back on the road and about one hour later we passed by Cleveland and we saw the Quicken Loans Arena, it was pretty cool, but we didn't stop we just kept driving. About 1 hour later we drove into Pennsylvania but only for a little because we just need to cut through to New York to get to Massachusetts. We got to New York at around 4 pm. When we got out of New York it was 7 pm so we got some dinner and kept driving. There were only 2 more hours until we were in Boston. When we finally got to our hotel at around 10 pm.  Since we were all pretty tired and our sister had a presentation pretty early next morning, we all went to bed.

In the morning when I woke up  I turned on the TV and watched some ESPN while I waited for my turn to take a shower. After we were all showered we headed out early to breakfast. When we got downtown we parked the car and walked to breakfast, I got an egg sandwich with cheese and bacon. When we were done with breakfast, we walked to the building where my sister’s first presentation was in. When we got inside my sister was already there. She presented about anxiety and a mental health project that she was working on for the past 2 to 3 weeks.

After her presentation, we walked down to the river because we had 1 ½ hour until the next presentation. After we walked on the river for a while we cut up back into the building area. We walked towards Fenway Park, we wanted to see Fenway Park because it has the tallest home run wall in major league baseball. When we got there it was cool, the stadium was humongous in person. When we were done looking at the stadium, it was time for my sister’s second presentation which was all about dissecting a sheep brain, well at least that's what I think it was. After her presentation, we went back to her dorm to pick up her stuff.

When we got back in the car we drove up to Tufts University because my sister wanted to look at the campus because she's going to college soon and she wanted to get a shirt or sweatshirt. When we got done with that it was lunch time so we went to this sub spot and on the road. The traffic was so bad it took us nearly one to two hours to get out of Boston. When the road was finally clear we started to make some progress after we go through Massachusetts we got into Connecticut after driving about 2 hours through Connecticut we got into New York and my dad asked if anyone wanted to see the city and were all like, yes let's go see the city.

When we got into the city my sister and my brother wanted to take the George Washington Bridge over to New Jersey but when we went under it looked so high and I was a little scared so we decided to take the Hudson Tunnel across. To get to the tunnel we had to go a little bit to the center of New York and once we turned from the outside of the city to the inside it was the most traffic and honking I had ever seen and heard. After about 20 minutes we probably only moved a solid half a mile that's how bad the traffic was. After about another ten to fifteen minutes we finally got through to the tunnel and from there on out there was not a lot of traffic. When we got into New Jersey it was already 9pm and we were all hungry but my dad didn't want to stop because he wanted to get a little bit farther away from New York.

When it got to be 10 pm my dad finally stopped but there were no restaurants around so we had to stop at a rest stop where there was only burger king and Starbucks so I decided I wasn't going to eat that disgusting food. When we got back on the road I immediately fell asleep and we  I woke up we were pulling into a Red Roof Inn which by the way was the most DISGUSTING room I ever stayed in when I went to the bathroom there was poop stain on the walls and there were stains on their pillows but they were the only hotel that had rooms and it was only $50! But we only stayed there for About two to three hours cause my dad needed some sleep bad. When we got back on the road we were only about four  hours away from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. About halfway through North Carolina we stopped and got some breakfast and then we continued.

When we arrived in South Carolina we pick my grandma from her hotel (because she flew in the day before) and we headed to our condo. When we got there the maids were still there cleaning and they needed another one hour so we headed to the store to pick up groceries and when we got back to the condo it was perfect timing the maids were done so unloaded all of our stuff and put the groceries away. When everything was put away we were going to go to the beach but I had to take a shower because I felt like a fast food restaurant’s floor after staying in the hotel.

After my shower I felt GOOD, we all headed down to the beach when we got down there me my brother and my grandma got on our boogie boards and went in the ocean. My brother and I stayed in the water pretty much all day because the water was so warm. When we got back to the condo we all got ready for dinner tonight we were biking down to this small shopping plaza called Coligny we were going to eat at a restaurant called the frosty frog cafe. When we ordered me and my brother got a strawberry slushie and my sister got a Pina colada and all three of us got a pizza to share. When we were done we got on our bikes and biked back to the condo. When we got back it was time for bed.

In the morning everyone woke up and we took a bike ride to look for some alligators except for my grandma because she has a bad knee. Unfortunately we didn't find any alligators but when we got back it was time to go to the beach so we ate some lunch and went to the beach, when we got down there me my dad and my brother got on the boogie board and went into the ocean and like yesterday we were in there all day but today there were huge waves maybe about 10 feet high so the three of us came up with the idea of game where you see who can stay on there boogie board the longest. When we were done in the water we set up a beach tennis court, I and my brother played first, of course, I won. After the game it started to storm on the beach we started to pack up and headed back to the condo and waited for the rain to stop but it never did which sucked cause we only had one more day here in South Carolina.  

When woke up in the morning we got on our bikes and road a couple of miles to Duck donuts to get some donuts and play mini golf next door. We play mini golf first, of course, my dad won because he is definitely the best golfer in the family. When we finish we got the donuts and ate them immediately, they were good! We got back we headed straight to the beach. When we got down to the beach me and my brother started to make a sand mini golf course because we didn't want to get in the water because the stingrays were really close to the shore and we didn't want to get stung.  When we were done making the course we tested it and it worked perfectly. The ball would move so smooth down the sand, it hit a couple of bumps but for the most part, it was pretty smooth. Of course, I won cause I’m da best at everything. We kept playing for a couple of hours but we had to stop because the tide came in and washed it all away.

Once the sun set we headed back up to the condo to get ready to go out to dinner at a fancy place called Poseidon, it's one of the best seafood restaurants on Hilton Head Island. When we were done eating dinner we shopped around a little bit and then headed back to the condo. In the morning we packed the car full of all our stuff and we got on the road for a long 13-hour ride home.

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