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   I walk down to the ocean, the pebbles crunching underneath my weight. The blue of the sky like an artist’s blue period, gray but still blue, the sun setting. The bay is very calm with only the usual three or four fishing boats patrolling the water. I come over to my favorite spot, a cluster of rocks next to the lighthouse and sit skipping stones across the bay. I get a lucky four skip off one of my stones then pull out my sandwich from my back pocket of my jeans. Taking a bite I notice the small seagulls circling above me waiting for me to make a mistake and drop some bread. I separate a small bit of bread, about a centimeter and throw it out in front of me daring one of the gulls to come after it. One two, three dip down from their usual circling path and fight for it infront of me. I take two more pieces of my sandwich and place them for the seagulls who didn't get the first piece, they furiously peck at it and gulp it down as gulls do. I walk back over to the pier as the sun sets.

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