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Treasure Quest #5: Side-Quest!

Sat, 03/02/2019 - 9:00am by nicole

Another cryptic quest, another round of codes and hints!
Another king and kingdom, but no princess and no prince.
A pest that turns into a shark or morphs into a fox.
Find this heartless villain's key to find what it unlocks.


The Alchemist's Key

Somewhere in the vast catalog a pseudoscientific Key has appeared! The hunt for The Alchemist's Key begins now!

"Well hey there, Boss!
Your supervillain skills have caught my eye!
Yeah sure, you didn't post a job—
but I'm here to apply!

You see I'm a shape-shifter
and a side-kick's what you need!
I'll help you fight Ambrosius
and shift to fit the deed!"


Click on the image to get started searching for this Key (and the Gate!), or do something else entirely, like:

Call forth your dragons and escape to the Badge List!

Hatch a dastardly plan to conquer the AADL Catalog!

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