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This is the is the final battle of the Dynasty Games I have all my weapons ready, it’s win or die. The stadium is packed as the battle starts and I slash my sword at the Vaporfang. With such foul breath and jagged teeth with giant razor-sharp claws, you would’ve thought I would be no match for such a bloodcurdling, spine-chilling, beast such as the Vaporfang. I grab my set of daggers holding them up to to the sky bracing for impact but he knocks me 20 feet clear across the ring as I come down with a crash knocking my daggers out of my hand. Now I have no weapons. I can only fight with my bare hands. The Vaporfang charges toward me again. I know that these could be the last moments of my life, so I have to make a split second decision. As he charges toward me I duck down and slide under him. As he slams against the arena wall I jump on his back and pull one of his fangs out and stab him right in the heart. His body goes limp as the stadium erupts and I know, victory is mine.     

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