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Charlotte Manny lies in bed.  She is looking for a new job on her phone.  She suddenly comes across an engineering job.  She is interested. She clicks on the link. She reads through some of the website, and she likes it even more.  She starts to research what she has to do to become an engineer. She finds out engineering is a lot more complicated than she thought.  

To become an engineer, Charlotte found out that she has to take a engineering school course.  She wondered if that is possible because she is very busy with traveling for pleasure. She finally decided to cancel a few trips so she can go to school.  First, before choosing a school, Charlotte had to choose what engineering field she wanted to be in. She found out there were a bunch of different fields. She finally decided on civil engineering.  Civil engineering deals with the design, the maintenance, and the construction of physical and naturally built environments such as roads, bridges, and buildings. Next, Charlotte has to decide on a school to go to.  Charlotte found a school in Pittsburg, which is where she lives. The school is Carnegie Mellon University. Charlotte is super excited that she found a school close to her. She looked and it says you have to be smart in mathematics and you have to be creative.  She thought about it for a little bit, and decided she was going to be an engineer.

Next Charlotte has to add an international component.  She wants to focus on constructing more buildings and roads.  She wants to focus on these two things because businesses could expand with more buildings.  She wants to create alternate routes with roads so traffic will be reduced. She thinks she can do this.  She now researches where she can build more buildings, and make more roads. She found farmland off a really big highway with a lot of traffic, so she called the owner and the owner said he was selling the farmland.  She knows she can build an alternate route there. Then Charlotte sees a lot for sale in the city. She wants to buy it, so she can build a building. If she does build a building there, she can sell the building to a really popular business so they can expand.

Now she writes a friendly email to her favorite company,Target, and asks if she can engineer for the company.  


Dear Target,


Good Morning.  I am in the process of becoming an engineer.  I am wondering if I construct a building, would you buy it to expand your business?  Thank you for considering.


Bye for now,

Charlotte Manny


She is hoping Target will accept the deal.  If they do not, she has a backup plan. (Here is a copy of the email target wrote back.)


            Dear Charlotte,


        Good Afternoon.  We have discussed this deal for hours and we have reached a decision.  We accept the deal! We will be excited to do business with you.


            Have a good day,




Charlotte is so excited.  She can’t wait until the school year is over.  She has just recently applied for two2 years of the school.  She will start school next month. Charlotte is really excited for school.  She wonders how many people will go to the school. She has just finished her resume.  

Charlotte has arrived at the school.  There is a lot of people outside the school.  She is wondering how many students are inside the school.  At school, Charlotte is learning how to construct a building, what materials to use, and how long it should take to get the job done.  As she is taking these classes, she starts to realize how much work civil engineers do. When she has finished school she is ready for Target, but much impress the CEO.

She goes to the CEO of the Target franchise.  If she wants to construct buildings for Target, she has impress the CEO.  First she shows him her resume. He is mildly impressed, but does not show his expressions.  Next Charlotte tells the CEO why she wants to build more buildings for Target. She wants to build more buildings because everytime she goes to Target, she feels like everything is cramped.  If she adds more buildings, the company can spread their stuff out more, and make more money. The CEO has one problem, how much will Charlotte be working for. Charlotte says she will do $83,000 a month.  The Ceo agrees, and Charlotte is very happy. Her job starts next week, which begins the month of December. She is very excited for when she will start her new job.

    Charlotte has just met her construction team that the CEO hired.  Charlotte also wants to buy that farm she saw so she can build an alternate route.  She talks to farmer and he says he will sell it for $5,000. She immediately purchased it.  She hires a demolition team to tear down the farm. Once the farm is tore down, she starts planning.  She cannot afford to build a road right now, but after a month or two of her Target job, she will be able to build the road.

    Today Charlotte starts her job.  She goes to the lot she purchased and starts walking down the land.  It is big enough, but it will take same time to excavate the land. Her team she met last week shows up right on time.  They say to her that the will start digging a soon as possible. She will want it to be like a super Target. Charlotte sees the whole thing coming together in her head.  The team will start digging tomorrow.

    Charlotte’s team starts digging today.  The team is digging so the foundation will be even.  Charlotte arrives right as the team starts to dig. She is super excited.  After two hours, the ground level is even. Now she is constructing the building it will take time, but it will get done.

    After months of working, the building is finally finished.  The Target business is very happy. Charlotte Manny finally did her dream.  Charlotte’s road idea failed because it was to expensive and the land was too dense.  When Charlotte tried to build, it sunk. Charlotte did one of her two dreams.










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