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My dad picks me and my sister up from the Y. We start to go out of the building as my dad says that he has to talk to us about something. I start to get curious about what he is going to say, I wonder if it will be good or bad. We get into the car and then he finally says what he wanted to tell us, “Okay kids, me and mom just went to get a check-up on the dog and they said  that we have to put him down.”

“NOOOO!” my sister and I scream at the same time. “Why is he going to be put down.”

“He is very sick from a disease that makes dogs’ lungs bleed.”

We go to the animal hospital where I see tears streaming down my mom’s face with our dog by her side.

When we get in the doctor asks if everyone wants to see the dog getting put down and all say yes.

We go into the room and lay down the dog and they inject a needle into his ribcage and then my sister asks “Is he dead?”

“Yes,” the doctor replies to our soaked faces.

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