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The Robbery




I was running to the van,  trying to get away from the police, when I tripped and fell into a ditch on my head and fell unconscious.


Chapter One


I am a 27-year-old man named Jordan West. I live in Richmond, Virginia and live with my wife and son.

Their names are Julia(28) and Frank(6).

My parents recently died from a fatal car crash and I got fired from my job and now we are having trouble with money.

My son goes to elementary school and my wife is a high school teacher. I went to Richmond University but then I got kicked out due to bad grades and a bad attitude. I then worked for my parent's restaurant but I quit because I got too many complaints from customers saying that I was not working hard and that I wasn’t nice to them.

Then I got a job at an Auto Repair company and have been working there since I was recently fired. The reason I was fired because I was getting to work late too many times and getting there still drunk from the night before.

Now I have been trying to get jobs as a waiter at restaurants and if that doesn’t work I am going to try to own my parent's old restaurant with my wife or my friend named Mccormack. Mccormack is a food specialist and he knows how to own businesses because he used to run a restaurant and then Mcdonalds bought it and he got a ton of money from it.


Chapter 2


None of the restaurants wanted me and my wife and Mccormack didn’t want to keep working at my parent's old restaurant so I was basically screwed. I thought for a week on what I  should do, but nothing could come to my head. I was super frustrated and I told Julia about it and she just said: “ everything will be okay honey.”

I kept on thinking on what to do and I finally made up a decision. It was to rob a bank.

If you think I’m crazy I will explain more. I will get to the most popular bank in Richmond and the worst thing that can happen is that I go to jail for a month.

Before I do it I  have to get a van. So I went to Enterprise and got a nice white van.

Next, I have to get a ski mask. So I went to the store and got one and then I drove to the bank.

I parked a block away from the bank so I could have an easy escape. The bank doesn’t have any security in the back so I went to the back and opened the back door and walked to the vaults that had money in them. I went to the closest one so it would be easier and got a ton of money from it. I moved to the door but right when I opened the door I heard police sirens close by.

I raced to the van as fast as I could but the closer I got to the van the louder the police sirens were. I was only 10 yards away when I tripped and fell right into the ditch next to the van and fell unconscious losing all my clout.


Chapter 3


I woke up with dirt all over me. “Where am I ?“ I asked myself. I then got up and saw the van. I went over to it and opened the truck and everything was still there. Then I remembered about the money and the bank that I just robbed. “Where is the sack of money?” I asked myself so I went back down into the ditch and saw the sack of money opened up and the money was scattered all over the ground.

I went to the money and picked all up and put it back into the sack and then left the bank and drove back to my house. Back home I counted all of the money. $42,724.

I was thinking about what to tell my wife about the money. I could say that I found on the road, I won the lottery or just the truth that I robbed a bank. When Julia and Frank came home I told them that I won the lottery and I got more than $40,000.

Then Julia told me “I got a job offer from Liechtenstein to be an English teacher.”

“What!” I and Frank said at the same time.

“Yes, I found a job there to be an English teacher at the University of Liechtenstein. It’s one of the wealthiest countries in the world. I will be paid double the money I‘m paid here.”

“What will I do then, I won’t be able to find a job there. And what will Frank do? He doesn’t know how to speak Liechtensteinien or whatever the language is there. I have lived here all my life and I don’t want to move.”

“Good. They have accepted you to go to the University that I will teach at. Plus they speak German there and I have already signed him up for a school where they teach in English and teach German.”

“What! We’re already moving there.”



“I have already packed up, the plane is in a week.”

Chapter 4


I was watching the news the day before we were going to leave when there was a “Breaking News Flash” and t showed a reporter in front of the bank that I just robbed. The reporter said that they still haven't found the person who robbed the bank but they finally have a suspect. He is a 45-year-old man who has mental issues and has attempted to rob the bank several times but this time he was lucky and got out without anybody seeing him. They said they have arrested him and he is denying the allegations.

I was panicking if they keep trying to find people they might close the airport down and look for peoples fingerprints and I would be in huge trouble. I would lose my wife my kid my money and my imaginary job.

We got a cab and left to the airport to get on to the moving airplane, which are airplanes made for people who are moving and need to go to a different country. They said we have to take a fingerprint test because of the incident. I was shaking when I did mine and the security guard noticed and asked: ”What’s wrong.”

“Nothing, just worried about moving to Liechtenstein.”

After all of us took it they just said that you guys didn’t do anything and that we could board our plane.

I was so glad it felt like 85 mountains fell off my shoulders.

I was confused though why it didn’t catch my fingerprint.


Chapter 5


When The plane started to take off for Lichtenstein, I was still wondering why they didn’t get my fingerprint. Maybe, someone else tried to rob the bank after me when the door was still open.

I then tried to calm myself down and tried to watch the news. There was another breakings news flash, and what a pleasant surprise, it was about the robbery. It said that they arrested the man who “robbed the bank”. It was a crazy 45-year-old man. His name was Allen Driver, he was from Norfolk, Virginia.

They said he had tried to rob the bank many times before, but this time Driver said: “that the door was already open and he went to the door to close it”.

“The police said that isn’t true and that the bank lost $42,724.”

But then Driver “said that he saw a white van and that he saw someone who passed out with bags full of stuff scattered around the ground.”

The police asked him how the person looked and Driver said that “he forgot.”

The police didn’t believe him and said that because of other incidents as well he will be sentenced to prison for 22 years. He will only be able to parole once and after being in prison for three years.

Driver was not happy about that and pleaded to have shorter sentencing and said that he did not do it this time.

The jury talked to each other for about 30 minutes and then finally said that he will only be sentenced for eight years and will be allowed to parole three times after he has been in there for at least two years.

After that, they handcuffed him and walked him out the door towards the prison.


Chapter 6


I felt bad for Allen because he didn’t do it this time, I did. It felt kind of weird because I was very close to being in that situation.  

After the flight was over and we were in Lichtenstein, Julia got all excited and said: “come on let's got to the house and see how it is.”

“A house! What house?” Frank said.

“The University bought us a mansion because I am really high up in the employee list,” responded Julia.

Then I gave in and said “cool.”

I don’t think that was a very good idea to say that because both Julia and Frank gave me a scary glare, so then I shut up until we got to the mansion.

When we got to the mansion everyone at the same time said “whoa”. the house was 20 times the size of our old house. Even the garage was bigger.

I was so excited to go to our new house that I almost peed my pants.

When we got in there was a bowling alley and a room full of TVs as well as five huge bedrooms. There were a huge kitchen and living rooms and a pool and hot tub outside as well as a huge backyard where Frank can play. It was really nice and big. It was twice the size of Ricegum’s clout house. I was so happy, there were clout goggles on a table next to some Supreme stickers.

I woke up frightened, I thought I was in someone else’s house. But then I remembered that it was mine and that I just moved in.

I then go downstairs to see Julia and Frank but the only one I see is Julia crying with tear stains on her shirt and jeans.

“ what's wrong?” I ask worriedly about what happened.

“They took him, they took Frank.”

“What! Who took him.”

“The police. They took him because they think that he robbed the bank.”

“Why would they do that? He’s only six years old.”

“They did some DNA samples and found that it matched him, so the U.S. told Lichtenstein to arrest him and bring back to the U.S.”

“We have to go back and get him. He did not do that robbery.”

“Then who did it?”

“How mad would you be if I said it was me?”


“Yeah, I did because we were almost broke and I wanted to get some quick cash. I didn’t steal that much money though.”

“How much did you steal?”

“Almost $43,000.”

“My God Jordan. You better go to Frank and the police and plead guilty.”


Chapter 7


Three months later I was pleading guilty to judge where my son and wife were sitting nervously of what my sentencing I was going to get. I was charged with third-degree robbery.  

He then looks up and adjusts his glasses and says  “1 year in prison.”

I then look up and move my head slightly to face my family, my wife looks back at me while my son is crying next to her.

The police officers then help me towards the exit, I am super embarrassed and I the only thing I want to do right now is to go back home with my family.

I wish I wasn't so greedy for money right before Julia got that big job in Lichtenstein. Next time I should just wait until an opportunity pops up.

Next time I will do better.


The End

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