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She is wonderful and brings the sun around the atmosphere, bringing daytime to the people, and then sets the sun down for everyone to rest. Though this legend of this extravagant to understand a God’s chance for a mere human to take over.

"Haba Ba? How does the Sun move like that? Why does it leave us in the dark?" A grandchild of the tribe given a question, yet cheerfully because he loved to learn more about anything.

She sat down, slowly yet carefully not to pop her back, on a mossy green log. Looking up at the night sky looking at the constellations, as she smiled softly. Looking at the young child with her white, colorless and unforgettable blind eyes.

"Well... There was a God who makes the colors of the Sun, and makes it appear and everything. She is very important." I told the grandchild, nodding my head in understanding.

"Really! Is it more important than cleaning clothes from hand? From those washer plastic or metal washbasins with scrubbers. Cause those really suck badly, and you might have a nail or three rip off?"

"Hahaha yes, my child. Very important. Without her, we wouldn't have food to eat, or heat to keep warm. But if you stay long enough, I'll tell you about the true story about her, and the way she became a Goddess of the Sunrise and the Queen of the Sunsets”

"Yes!! Baba tell me" The grandchild twitterpated quickly, wanting the news quickly than later.

"Alright, this all started, when the Sun suddenly disappeared.."

Legend says that a child was born on the day the Sun disappeared. Though no one thought it was an "actual" Sun. They relied on it deeply, for their crops, keeping warm during the winters. But it just suddenly vanished. It never returned. No One has ever seen it. But it all changed 6.4 trillion years later. The little girl with blood-orange curly locks and midnight blue eye color appears. She was just tired of hanging out with her family since they never really minded her. Living without heat or the Sun was a major challenge. Every day, everyone was afraid to leave their heated homes. Hunters would go out to hunt for food throughout the nights.

Aria was making a nice flower crown out of Daisies, as she then noticed the person on the ground was just like her. A shadow. As a little girl, she was curious about everything new around her, even if it meant danger.  She went to follow the shadow. Only to suddenly follow it down in a deep cave. The shadow was gone, but a faint light was inside. It flickered as if it won't last very long. She didn't want to be inside as she hated being in the dark. But since there was a light there, she swallowed down her fear. Looking around her surroundings, she went inside as she used the rough, patchy walls to guide her to the spot. When she finally arrived throughout the empty space. It was a white candle which seems to be fresh only a few days, but the surrounding of the room makes it feel it been there for many, many years. As it never went out. Very strange candle indeed. A rolled up note was resting on the table, as she grabbed ahold of the note carefully as if she would set down an explosive. She unrolled it, as she moved it closer to the light, but it was written in some strange language. It was covered in different shapes as it meant something.

She heard her name being called as she placed the note in her back pocket, then noticed a lovely metal chain necklace, with a white crystal connected to it. But carved on it was a Golden encrypted Sun. She placed it around her neck, as hid it under her shirt as she blew out the candle, rushing out of the cave. When she left the cave, everything was so bright outside, since it was dark in the cave. She noticed her brother as he chuckled, handing her a slice of bread from Mama. Aria took it gently, placing it in the opposite side pocket. She started walking throughout the night time, as she hopped over a tree root, having her blood-orange locks bounce behind her. While standing underneath the stars, she sighed softly as she found a constellation which meant a Sunset. She named it after herself and whined.

"Why couldn't we see the Sun!!"

"Woah! Aria, we aren't allowed to speak about that. You know Mama will get mad at you if you bring it up"

"But you don't understand, something has to be bound by now. The Sun 'was' here before. Why ain't it here 'now'. People are dying Ereo [(Eeyore, Winnie the Pooh)], and I'm not gonna stand here waiting for it to return!"

"Aria... that was a just a Fairy Tale. You don't even know if it's even real. What would happen.. you died one day, yet you still couldn't find it. What were you gonna do?"

"I wouldn't regret it, at least I did something. Look, I'm gonna look for the Sun, whether you like it or not. Just leave me be for a while."

Aria left her brother behind as she pulled out the note, putting it against the stars to see it better. A hidden message that she could read came behind it as she then places it down, reading the new fine print. "To whoever reads this, I entrust my place to carry out the Sun. It will be needed in the near future, as I had failed to keep the place alive, in fact, myself. If you read this, and the Sun isn't here. Please do, do take my place in order to keep the balance in place. My necklace that you would be wearing should glow when it’s the right person to take my place, along with when it's time to make the Sunrise. Please be careful - Apollo "

Aria felt happiness, yet scared throughout her entire body. She ran back home, scared as she crawled into her bed, ignoring everyone who was trying to talk to, as she then simply fell asleep. It's probably been ages or well hours when the crystal around my neck glowed. I woke up slightly as I sat up and headed outside strangely from the bright light. My mother looked at me a little worried as she sat on the edge of the cliff, washing clothing. I walked up to her as I looked up at the sky, seeing another constellation, revealing the Sun's appearance.

"Mama, why can't we talk about the Sun?"

"We talked about this darling.. it was just some Folk Tale that everyone believed"

"What.. if it was real?" she questioned which she asked her Mama as she stopped scrubbing

"Don't be fooled Aria, the Sun doesn't exist"

"But it does, why are these plants still alive then, then why do we see the stars up in the sky? Mama, the Sun is real, and I'll prove it"

"You can't prove something that is out of hand's reach"

"But I can, because I got a letter from the Sun God, and I'm gonna take his place to return the sun"

Mama bursts out snickering as she didn't believe me, she pulls me in close, hugging me tightly, yet warmly.

"Mama... I will bring the morning Sun.. just you wait."

She went down the hill to head back to the cave when she discovered the note and the lovely necklace. Aria went into the deepest part of the cave, rubbing her hands together as she then making a simple light in the room. She couldn't do it. Though she crossed her legs in her lap as she concentrated on just making that light. The necklace glowed so brightly, that it blinded her for a while. Though once her vision cleared, she noticed a soft ball of fur on the ground, glowing light. She poked it softly with no hesitation as this small ball part lifted up, looking at her. It stood up onto its legs as it did a cool downwards dog yoga pose, as it yawned and hang its tongue out. Once it was done with it's stretching, it plopped its ass down and looked up at the strange girl. She smiled softly as she petted the cute doggy. Which she finds out is a fox, with a golden encrypted sun, into his chest. As if it was a beauty mark. The fur was nice and soft, and a bit rough on the tail. Though it’s crimson red eyes brings it out from the fur.

“Apollo... That’ll be your name. Okay?”

After what seems to be many months, she finally turns 11 years old. Endless nights of sleep, days without food sometimes, as she wanted to keep trying. Eventually, she made a cute adorable friend, and now she can rotate the sun slowly. It exhausted her out, which was fine since it was pulled in nicely, she sighed to herself as she could the Sun’s rays against her skin. She giggled as she hugged Apollo again, happy to see the Sun. Her wish had finally come true.

When I returned to see Mama. She had dropped everything and ran towards me, screaming to the other members of the tribe’s that I had returned. Everyone came back out of their homes and ran over quickly and hugging me tightly. The night sky was still out, as I gazed upon the stars, giggling to myself as I loosen out of their grips, and kept myself some distance. Apollo came from behind a bush, as they all looked at it confusingly as then looked up at me. I knelt down to pet it. It’s soft fur running through my fingers.

“This is Apollo… He has been with me through the harsh times, yet never leaving my side. I made him with this magic I found. If you would like to see the sun, please wait for the crystal to change into the bright light.”

Everyone smiled as I turned around, not facing them. I rubbed my hands together, breathing on them as I warmed them up. I made a bright light into my hands and tossed it into the air as if a firework was about to be blown off. It zoomed through the clouds, as the sky was suddenly turned bright. A bright orange light from the horizon came upon, as everyone grasps ahold of each other. Afraid of the light. But once they felt the sun, they all screamed in joy, finally getting the light back. It was around noon when the Sun came out. Though we all knew it would have to come down eventually. All the sun was, was a little girl which was burst out from an 11-year-old girl.

"Baba! What did she do when her time came?"

"Well.. you see, young child. She would have to do it for so long. Like for trillions of years before finding a new person to hang onto that necklace. But I do warn you, she can miss a cycle of the rise or set if you make her mad. Then everyone will be so confused about everything"

"Where does she live now??? Is it magical like the sun?"

"Not really darling, in fact, she lives in the clouds. Making it easier for her to control them. Since she doesn’t have to be bothered down here by us mere humans. Though Gods are a great power of power of us humans that we need"

Nowadays, everyone looks up at the stars to gather information in the future times. Though it must be hard because we can’t always see or read what they are about to say. We usually use them to navigate through the night time, in case we do get lost. Otherwise, they are just amazing to watch under the night sky.

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