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The Boy and the Cherry Tree
Once upon a time, in a small, quiet village, there lived a beautiful maiden. She had beautiful golden locks as bright as the sun, sparkling eyes as blue as the Pacific, and fair skin as smooth as silk, with sun kissed freckles upon her cheeks. Not only was she the most beautiful girl in the village, but she was also the happiest. Among the small town was a beautiful witch. She had flowing black hair, dark dull eyes, and skin as white as the clouds. Although she was beautiful on the outside, she was dark and horrid on the inside. She longed for her eyes to once sparkle like they used to again. Her thrill of living was gone and she remained in a life of misery. Past the village in the forbidden woods, the witch practiced her witchcraft as she planned to suck the happiness out of the most beautiful girl, Evangeline. 
    Later that night, the witch snuck out of her hideaway cottage and crept her way into Evangeline’s home in the village. As she peered through the crack of the window, she saw her sleeping so peacefully. A smile rested on her soft cheeks and the witch glared in jealousy. She then swiftly climbed through the window to her bed and took out her freshly made potion. She carefully held the pitch black liquid as it quietly gurgled. Her steady hands gently drizzled the potion over her porcelain, symmetrical face. The witch inhaled deeply, attempting to breathe in the evaporation of Evangeline’s happiness. However the steam was not her happiness, the potion that the witch had hastily brewed was steaming off her negativity, making the girl even happier.
    “Well then, I guess we’ll have to go with plan B,” the witch sneered as she snapped out her broom. The witch gently laid the delicate girl on her broom and took her off to the middle of the plains. There she dug a deep rectangle hole in the middle of the open plain. 
“Perfect!” she cackled. She rolled Evangeline off the broom, plopped her into the grave and quickly buried her alive. 
Every day after that, the witch came back to water Evangeline. As months went by, her beauty and grace blossomed into a beautiful cherry tree with dozens of plump, juicy, cherries. The witch picked off the sweetest cherry and took a slow bite to savor its magnificent flavors. The cherry had brought instant happiness to her saddened, lonely heart. From there out, she kept Evangeline in the vast plains with no one for comfort. She traveled to see her once a week to collect her bucket of cherries. Although, pretty soon the plain developed into more housing for the village. A boy moved into the house in front of her cherry tree. He often came outside to get away from his mother, who frequently mistreated him. One day he found himself glum, laying under the cherry tree, in Evangeline’s shade. As he laid under the tree, he reached up and picked a ripe cherry. As soon as he swallowed the juicy red cherry, he instantly became cheerful and joyous. 
“My oh my! This cherry tree makes me so ecstatic! Nothing has ever made me so happy!” he exclaimed. From then on the boy came outside every day and sat in Evangeline’s shade, played in her leaves, and ate a few of her cherries from her branches. Evangeline enjoyed his company, his voice was a nice sound to listen too, though she wished she could say so many things back to him.
    Not long after the boy discovered the cherry tree, the witch discovered someone else was eating the cherries.
    “What is this?” she bellowed, “someone has been eating my cherries!” That afternoon she watched Evangeline all day for any cherry stealers. After screaming and rustling came from the house, she glared as a boy emerged from the home and climbed up to Evangeline’s resting place. The witch sat in envy as she watched the wretched boy eat her special cherries. It was then that the witch had an idea, to lure him away from her precious Evangeline. As the witch approached the boy she held out a little silver drum.
“Little boy little boy, leave these cherries alone, in exchange take this little drum. I’m sure it can make you as happy as can be, happier than this cherry tree,” the witch offered. The boy stared at the shiny new drum in curiosity, as if he’s never seen an instrument, but then he said,
“Thank you for your generous offer, but nothing can make me as happy as this cherry tree”. The witch turned away discouraged. She needed to lure him away without him knowing any more about the tree. The boy continued to lay under the tree for the rest of the night. He talked to the cherry tree all night as if she were his only friend.
The next morning, the boy was awakened by the witches second arrival. Except this time she brought a colorful kite, with the longest tail. 
“Little boy little boy, leave these cherries alone, in exchange take this pretty kite. I’m sure it can make you as happy as can be, happier than this cherry tree,” the witch offered. The boy examined the beautiful kite and imagined himself playing with it on windy days, but instead, he said, 
“Thank you for your generous offer, but nothing can make me as happy as this cherry tree.” The witch stomped away, trying to plot the perfect plan. 
“I think I can brew a potion that will do just the trick!” she exclaimed. The witch went back to her cottage and mixed all her potions into one, sh even added a few cherries that she had picked the day before. As the sun rose, the witch snuck away again from the old cottage and crept back to the village before sunrise. She rose up on her broom and sprinkled the potion all over the house. The drops of pink liquid fell upon the house and through the cracked roof into their home. When the boy came outside the witch approached him a final time. 
“Little boy little boy, leave these cherries alone, in exchange live with the happiest parents. I’m sure it can make you as happy as can be, happier than this cherry tree,” the witch offered. The boy was in disbelief as he looked through the window to see two happy parents waking up. He peered in and even saw his mother cooking him breakfast. She smiled and waved warmly as she cooked fresh eggs in the skillet she never used. Finally, the boy exclaimed,     
“Thank you for your generous offer, I have never had happy parents!” The boy looked back at Evangeline one last time before he ran inside into the arms of his now loving family. Evangeline watched the boy trade her away, and for the first time, she wasn’t happy. 
As more weeks went by Evangeline still sat alone, with no one to lay in her shade, play in her leaves, or eat her cherries. As she swayed gently in the wind in her lonesome, she noticed the boy and his family were packing boxes of their stuff. A week later the boy came out to the tree.
“I know you haven’t seen much of me,” he explained, “but that’s because I made a promise to someone. But I’ve realized, I can’t move anywhere unless your there.” He smiled as he took out his shovel. Yes! Dig me up! I’m a person, not a tree! Evangeline wanted to scream, but instead, her branches shook quietly in the wind. The boy dug into the dirt all afternoon and was careful not to touch her roots. Finally, as the sun set, he had made a perfect circle around the tree. As he picked up the tree, the roots slowly unraveled through the ground. Left in the hole laid a beautiful girl. Evangeline crawled out of the cold ground and hugged him as tight as she could. Evangeline had wanted to do this day she met him. Quickly, she explained who she was, what had happened to her, and how the witch tricked her. The boy stared in disbelief and couldn’t believe how he ever trusted the witch. Suddenly, the sky grew dark, and clouds formed over them. The boy had broken his promise, and his parents started to shout again at one another. Loud clashes could be heard as the mother threw lamps and teacups. The witch came soaring down from the clouds on her crooked broom.
“You wretched boy! What have you done to me!” she stomped as she angrily approached them. Evangeline's face was stern and filled with rage, however, she remained calm, she knew exactly what to do. Evangeline took the witches collecting basket and filled it with every single cherry left on every branch, stem, and leaf. She held out the heavy basket to the witch. As she looked into the huge basket full of cherries, the aroma swiftly made its way into her nose. She reached out her hand and took a bite. As soon as she did, the witch was intoxicated with the sudden wave of joy. Her brain was no longer in control when she suddenly threw her hands into the basket and started to shovel handfuls of cherries into her mouth. Her heart pounded faster at each bite of cherry. When the witch had consumed the last of the cherries, her body came to a stop. Her stomach was bloated nearly six inches past its normal measurements. As the witches empty heart filled with joy, it soon became too much to bare. As she began to tremble, the boy quickly grabbed Evangeline and ran as fast as he could, until suddenly, 
“BOOM!” The atrocious witch had exploded into a million pieces. Evangeline and the boy ran off together to a different village far away hand in hand, out of sight from fighting parents, evil witches, and forbidden forests.
“As I said, nothing can ever make me happier, than you,” the boy said as he turned to Evangeline's smiling face. And they lived happily ever after. 

The End

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