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Running down a dark empty hallway in Abraham Lincoln High School, I keep looking for a way out of the school that isn't locked. I run into another door while trying to calm my nerves. Sweat rolls off of my forehead, down my burning cheeks, and off  my chin to the ground. I resume my pace of running again and look for an exit, I’m trying not to get caught by the man running after me.

Jake, Keith, and I are sitting on the couch watching The Lion King, reciting the lines and, eating the buttery and salty homemade popcorn. My phone rings from my room; I get up and run to get it before the caller hangs up. 
¨ Hello,¨ I say.
¨Hi, is this Athena Kelly?¨the person on the phone asks with a deep voice. 
¨Yes, this is her; how may I help you?” I ask the stranger while walking around my room. 
The stranger stays quiet and I hear his breathing over the phone. 
¨Umm, I-I called to ask you something, but it's stupid never mind,” the teenager says about to hang up.
“Wait! You can ask it, but can I know your name first and how I know you?” I ask.
“ Yea, i-it’s Troy Evans, and we have chemistry together, but I don’t think you notice me,” he says. “I-i w-wanted to ask if you will go out with me?”
“I, um,I’m sorry, but I have a boyfriend,” I say.
“No, it's okay, but can we meet at a park or something because I would like to know you?” Troy asks.
I look at the time, and it is 5:40 in the afternoon. So I decide to go to my school.
“Yeah I guess we can, meet me at Abraham Lincoln High School walking track in 20
minutes,”I say since we are on fall break.
I decide to meet him because I don’t want to hurt his feelings anymore than I have.

    Taking short unsteady breaths, I run into another locked door. The large footsteps banging against the school floors are getting closer to me. After catching my breath, I begin to run again down another empty hallway. Without looking where I am going, I dart into an open locker door. Banging my head on the locker makes a loud sound. I grit my teeth, so I will not make another sound in the hallway. I rub my head, get up off the ground, and get inside the locker after hearing shoes hit the ground near the hallway I am in. 

I hang up with Troy. With little information that I was going to be running later, I get dressed in black leggings and white t-shirt under the grey hoodie I took from Nathaniel. I walk downstairs and tell the boys that I am going out and  that they can finish the movie and start another one without me. I grab the keys to my black Jeep, walk out of the house, and feel the coldness of October. I drive to my school and wait for Troy, so I can meet him. After waiting for about ten minutes, a teenager with short black hair and hazel eyes approaches me. He is wearing a black hoodie, skinny blue jeans, and black Vans
The teenager says,“H-hi Athena, I’m T-troy.”
“Hi, nice to finally meet you Troy,” I say.
“So, what are w-we doing at the track near the school?”he asks me.
“I was thinking that we could just walk around for a bit and get to know each other,” I answer his question.
While we are walking around it starts to rain, so we run to the school to find shelter. We walk inside the school at the only unlocked door we find there and down the empty hallways to the library..

Looking through a crack in the locker, I see a man walk by with dark clothes on. His facial appearance is cut off by the little crack I’m looking through.He looks around a bit before he starts to hit the lockers with his fist.The sound of the rattling lockers makes me jump a little but not enough to make a sound, I try calming my breathing down before he hears me. He gets closer to the locker I am, in but before he bangs it, he gets a call on the phone. 
“Hello, yes I did it, but I’m not out of the school yet. When I was finishing the job, two kids saw me with the body, and I am trying to find them. Yes I know when I find them, I have to kill them,”he says to the person on the phone.

Troy and I walk through the library looking at the interesting books on the shelves.The wooden bookshelves have an old rough texture from being in a school for so long. I grab a book off the shelf with the title of The Lighting Thief by  Rick Riordan. I read the back of the book to get a little summary of it. I put the book back because it was about Greek Mythology and that genre is not my favorite. 
“Let's walk around the school,”Troy says to me. 
“Okay, let’s go,”I say to him.
We walk out of the library and down one of the many clear hallways. On our way into another hallway, we hear struggling and something hits the floor in one of the classrooms. We follow the sounds to the classroom. When we reach the door, we look through the glass window and see a figure with a black hoodie on holding a knife near Mr .Connor, our Chemistry teacher throat. I stand in shock not knowing what to do. Troy grabs my hand to run to the exit, but I just stand there like a deer caught in headlights. I tug my hand out of Troy's and start to slowly walk backwards from the door and accidentally fall on the ground and make a loud noise. The sound makes the stranger turn around and look at us. I get up off the ground and run in the opposite direction of the only unlocked door in the school. Troy runs the other direction toward the exit.  The man starts to run after me down the empty hallways. 

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