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That one subject you failed each year.

That one group of girls you couldn't talk to.

That one boy you liked,

That one girl who sat alone.


That one time you sat by her was the best time.

That one girl talked to you not because you told her you’re gay,

Not because she is using you to make her look not lonely,

Not because she was dared.

But because you two were meant to be best friends,

You two would spend hours on end calling facetiming

Until her dare was up, instead she ignored.


That one call explained everything.

Why she talked to you,

Why she became your “best friend,”

Why you decided to cut the line.


Why you decided to come fresh and clean.

Why you're considered new!

Why you came out that your gay,

Why you’re no longer single.

Why you now have friends,

Why you’re no longer lonely.


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