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“We’ve been walking for a very long time Carrie. Are you sure the door is real, like I mean what if your dad was lying?” Michael complained.

“Shut up and stop being a baby Michael. You have to stop making such a big deal,” Chris said.

“Yeah don’t pee your pants again Michael, no wonder nobody likes hanging out with you. And my dad never lies, he is telling the truth and the door is real, ” Carrie said.

“Oh my god there it is, the door is real,” Chris said.

“Who’s going to open it?” Carrie asked. Everyone looked at Michael, even though the door said KEEP OUT, DANGER, DEADLY, DEMON. Michael looked at the pathway they came but then realized it would make him look like a bigger baby then he already was. Michael slowly walked up to the door, staggered breathing and his hands shaking. Michael grabbed a rock and started hitting the lock on the door.
“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Michael hit the door once more and instead of hitting the door he hit his finger. His finger was bleeding really hard. His entire fingernail fell off. The blood dripped onto the lock. Then it unlocked, it looked like a snake slithering down the door. Michael cautiously stepped back.

“Open the door Michael,” Carrie said. Michael was hesitant, he didn’t want to, he did anyway. Michael grabbed the door and pulled it open. Michael looked into the darkness. All 3 heard a deep growl, no humanly or a growl from an animal. “ Michael, step into the darkness Michael, it’s nothing there is no Brute, it’s a myth,” Carrie said.

“Are you crazy? I’m not going in there. I just opened the door, you do it. You prove your not a baby,” Michael argued. Michael had his back turned against the door. Carrie and Chris saw a hand emerge from the darkness and grab Michael. They heard his screams stop, unnaturally. Michael's body got thrown out the door, without a head. A demon stepped out of the doorway. Both of the two children ran to their houses. The monster followed Chris. He ran into his house and slammed the door shut. His dad went to the front immediately after they heard screaming. His dad grabbed his shotgun and left the house. Chris’s family heard gun fire then it stopped completely.

“Thunk. Thunk. Thunk.” they heard footsteps on the porch. Chris’s mom forced them into the bedroom. The demon burst through the door and before Chris’s mom could shut it he got her. The door was open. Chris and his sister were hiding behind a couch, as they heard the demon devour their mom. Chris signaled his sister to go into the bathroom. They made it into the bathroom. But. The demon wasn’t there, Chris looked out the door then “BAM!” right in the doorway lunging towards them was the demon. No one ever saw them again. Meanwhile Carrie was at her house while her dad was looking out the window.

“ Do you know what you’ve done!!??” her dad asked. “ The only way we are going to live is if we run for the woods.”

“ We’ll never make it,” her mom exclaimed.

“ We have to try,” her dad yelled. They slowly walked out of the house and ran for the woods. Carrie’s mom heard a growl behind her. All three of them turned and looked at it. It got her mom before they could run. Carrie and her dad ran for the woods. He stopped behind a tree. “ Stay here I’ll be right back. Stay quiet and if you see the brute run towards the door,” her dad said. He ran to the door, Carrie could hear it coming. She ran to the door, her dad grabbed the chain and grabbed Carrie.

“ What are you doing? Stop! Stop!” Carrie screamed. He tied her up, he heard the brute behind him. It was.

“ Brute, Brute go back in your hol-.” he was cut off by the brute grabbing him and pushing him into the door. Carrie grabbed the door, but before she could close it her arm was bit off from the elbow down. She pulled her hand away and shut the door. The door wouldn’t stop shaking.

“ Brute, Brute go back in your hole where you may only eat coal,” Carrie yelled. The door stopped, Carrie had blood running down her dress. That brute had gotten more than just her arm…. it got her entire system of organs.

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