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Frozen in Space

By Joey Lawhorn


Light year 22

Space colony 31

Report 4 to colony 49

This is colony 31 we have found a species that is unknown,it was frozen for a while, but we kept the temp too high, it is on the loose it got out of the medical bay and is hiding. We have tried to locate it but we can't,it has killed half the crew. Please help.

This is colony 31 signing out.

Coordinates of signal -36,29,47

Signal ended.


Colony 49

Waking up crew

Locking on coordinates

Redirecting colony 49


 It happened so suddenly the signal and the cryo chamber opening. It was so unexpected. But there was no way back. Mother aka (the colony

ai) had locked on the location of the signal. It can’t be changed after that. We had to start training so we were ready for a fight. When I woke no one was up. So I headed down to eat and start to train. I got to the cafeteria and I saw something go by the window, it looked like a small ship with a triangular shape to it. It had a trapezoid shape in the back too. Then I saw a letter and number on the back it said: E 1 . Then I heard him the android, he startled me and I whiped around and said

 “what do you want”.

 I hated him so much and he never responded at lease to me. I turned back around to see the ship but it was gone. I was so pissed he interrupted me. I whiped around again and shouted

 “why don’t you just leave me alone you stupid machine”!!!

 About then everybody else came in.  Then Sam called me

 “hey gug come here”

.  I hated when he called me that, my real name was g-u-g said like that too. I went over to him and slapped him across the face. So Sam being the troublemaker he is. punched me in the arm.


 I said “you are in major trouble”.

 “Who said” said sam.

 “I out rank you buddy I tell you what to do”

 I said.

 “Well I got news for you too you get to do extra workouts today” I            said

 “sounds great doesn't it”.

 “You little”

  he swore.

 “Who you callin little”

 “you jerk”

 “says the one who can’t handle a shotgun” I said.  

 Then I heard him Diego

 “Hey gug”

 he said.  He was my best friend through training back on earth. I always wondered about earth,After we left. Well anyways I had to get to training. I was at training when I heard a gunshot go off!I ran down the cafeteria where I heard it. I saw Sam holding a pistol to Diego's face.Diego had his shotgun out and he had shot a crew member.  I pulled Diego down to my office.He said he did it because the crew member had threatened to throw him into space. I was so mad at him. I was about to tell him that he had to work cargo loading, but at that moment there was a loud CRASH! Something hit the ship. I ran out of my office and shouted

 “Get all the valuable weapons rations and equipment now and go to the crash i’ll meet you there”!

 I ran to the armory and got my juggernaut suit and my guns. My m14 my shotgun and my double barrel pistol that was an antique. Then I ran I got to the crash where everyone else was. When I saw what hit us I froze. It was the ship we were tracking. Then I realized we had to board we had to help. So we boarded, the ship, it was a mess. But we had to continue we just got to the main control room which was almost impossible to get in, because it was barricaded. But the second we got inside we heard something that sounded like wood snaping and ripping. We ran to see what it was. That's when we saw the the alien that's the only way to describe it. It was ripping away at a barikad.

 “Fire”I shouted!

 We all shot at it but it was to fast it bolted away but one bullet hit it. Blood fell and it and hit the ship floor and melted through it. It’s blood was acid. But we had to see what was behind the blockade. So we ripped all the wood away. there was a survivor he wore something that looked like the first space suit it had a big bulky backpack  and the suit was just ugly. We took him back to the control room and he told us everything he said that he and his buddy boarded up this place in multiple places so when they ran out to get supplies. He said that they weren't able to get to the first place they hid in smaller places and slowly came back to the mane “base”. But his buddy never came back so he had to go look for him and he never found him. But the alien had found him and tried to get him. We had to kill this alien so we started to prepare. I called everyone to the middle of the room and started to tell them what they had to do.

  “Diego you set up the sentry”.

 “Sam you and me are hunting”

 “and everyone else stay alert”

 So sam and I headed out we went to the last place we saw the thing. When we got there we saw a hole in the ceiling. Now we knew where the alien was so  we followed. As we crawled through the tunnel we saw some thing zip by so we opened fire but missed. So we ran we were following it we could not lose it but then it turned a corner and we lost it then I felt a pain so bad it felt like 1000 needles stabbing into me. ARHG! I screamed. It had stabbed me in the stomach.  I dropped my m14 and got my shotgun but i used the ammo so I grabbed my pistol I had to put gunpowder in it then the 2 bullets in. but the alien had run off. I dragged myself through the the vent sam did not say anything. Then I heard a scream. When I got to the source I saw diego laying on the ground a gaping hole in his head and his face and armor was scorched and the alien was laying next to him trying to get up but its arm was gone and it bleeded out. I knew what happened the alien used its inner jaw and stabbed it through his head.Image removed. But diego put up a good fight and shot its arm off before he died. I was so mad. I wasn't thinking and I pulled out a bomb and my belt of explosives I tossed the explosives everywhere and jumped on the alien then I pulled the pin on the bomb. Then the flame engulfed me. It was over.


Colony 49

3 light years later

Coordinates put back on mission course

Left ship behind


 Gug gug wake up. My vision came to me. I, I was alive. I got up and looked in the mirror my face my whole body burned by the fire and acid. Who else is alive everybody except the people who died by the alien. We are running low on food so we are going into cryo sleep good night captain.


Colony 49

1 light year later

Locking on the planet lv 426

Waking up crew


Zip Code