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 Family Reunions


             Family reunions are so much fun

    Me and my family chillin in the sun

   We talk while drinking lemonade in plastic red cups

      My uncle’s in the shade heating the grill up

        Take a break from playing to come inside   

      Music playing and everybody’s doing the Electric Slide

It’s time to eat

The scent of mesquite fills the air

Oh, The sweet aroma of cakes and pies everywhere


   After we eat, the grown-ups play cards

You hear the laughter of youths from afar

   Get another soda, even though I’ve had plenty               I hang with grandpa, and he slides me a twenty


          It is time to leave,and say goodbye

       We take pictures and try not to cry

    Have no worries, have no fear

         It’s a Date! Same Time, Same Place Next Year



Anthony Overstreet

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