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Some of us have bright days some beg to  differ

Sometimes you need to see the better picture

Some are born privileged and some work hard

Some of us on our last bet with the final card


People out here leavin’ their kids it’s such a shame

They were scared of a life they couldn't tame

People compare to those who hardly eat

While they starve to refuse their defeat


Kids are acting older it's a crying shame

They weren't raised right the parents are to blame

It's not about other people it's about you

It's not about the name but it's the things you do


If you ever have a devil sittin’ on your shoulder

It can be pushed through just like a boulder

Might not know now, maybe when you’re older

Without kindness the world keeps getting colder and colder


I ain’t tryin’ to preach too much i wanna let you know

Be yourself and show that you can really glow

But i know someone who can

Talk to your friends and family for a better lifespan


And with that i end this little talk we had

You cant let the good outweigh the bad

You must let go of that melancholy

Maybe make the world a little more jolly

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