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I found a hawk’s feather

On the ground that day

I returned it, but the owner said,

“I didn’t need it anyway,

But I’ll grant you a wish for remembering this”

I said, without hesitation, “I wish for happiness”


How could I forget? She was perched

On the bare tree by the bay

Wishing she was a songbird

So she could sing her heart away

I put my faith and trust in the look in her eyes

Thinking she would make it all exactly how I’d like


There I was, on the floor

With nothing special left to do

Realizing she may have tricked me

While I believed it was all true

With my last few words, I cried out and said

“Oh, tell me, what happened to happiness?”


She flew out my window, and started to sing

“Satisfaction never comes easy and quick”

So, I say to you, if it’s the last thing you do,

Build yourself a new life and don’t rely on a wish”              


I emerged from the ground

And I went out on the roof                    

I stared up at the lights

That I never truly knew

I cracked a smile, and it creaked like a door                           

That had never been opened before


False hope was what it may have been, yes

But it was still hope nonetheless…                                                   


If you’re at my door and I don’t answer,                                                                  

I’m off to find my happiness

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