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I was sleeping soundly dreaming about the beautiful waves I saw as if on a beach...I looked up to see the stars and was greeted with a terrible smile of a lost soul. I woke up in shock looking around to see if it was wasn’t. THUMP; My head pounded, and stopped...I knew what was happening. I grabbed by spear from the side of my bed, and I ran out my door of my small wooden house. I went past trees, and felt the grass underneath my bare feet. I knew I was getting closer cause the sound was getting louder. I looked up, and saw the poor lost soul, sucking the life out of who knows what? As I came closer I could see a figure of a small innocent bird laying on the ground. I looked up again and aimed with my spear for the lost soul. I threw it, and with a blood curdling scream it became dust. I picked the bird up and enclosed the bird into my hand. And through the cracks of my hands, light came out as I healed the little bird. I looked up trying to find a place for it to rest. I found a little bird nest at a top of a tree. I climbed up the tree jumping from one branch to another. As I got close I could smell the nasty smell of something utterly disgusting. As I looked down at the nest I saw the dead baby birds… I looked at the small creature in my hand. It seemed to be sad, and I saw a tear trickle down the poor bird’s face. I said,” These poor things…” I looked at the dead baby birds. I put the bird on my shoulder and climbed down the tree. I grabbed my spear, and went in front of the tree. I started digging….

   After digging two little holes I climbed back up the tree, and picked them up. I laid both of them down gently into their hole, and I covered them. I was finished...I was wet, and cold. I looked up, finally noticing the rain. I looked at the bird, and walked back to my little wooden house.

  In the morning, I could hear the little bird. Tweet; It sounded like music. I opened my eyes, and the little bird jumped on my bed. I sat up, and went towards my storage. I took the bowl of seeds I saw, and poured some into my hand. Holding it out I said,” Here little fellow.” The bird slowly came over to my hand, and one by one pecked the seeds out of my hand. Once done I said,”Wanna come with me?” I reached out my hand, and the little bird flew into my hand, and made his way up to my shoulder. I smiled,” Well then let’s go.” I opened the door, and the sun started to glitter from the ocean. I stopped to stare, I then walked through the forest, the grass still wet from the rain. I looked over to see if there were any lost souls around. I then ran straight to the tree, I latched on, and started to climb up. I then grabbed onto the coconuts, and yanked it as hard as I could. I looked down, and dropped the coconut down to the grass. I then jumped from tree to tree picking off every fruit. Once I was done I went back to where all the fruit was piled up, and took a couple trips to load all the food into my little wooden house. Once I hauled the last of the fruit in I decide to take a break, and look at the water surrounding me. I opened the door, and the bird flew in front looking at me. I smiled saying,” I’m going to have to give you a name aren’t I?” He gave a response. Tweet tweet; ,” I will call you….Arthur!” He tweeted again as if agreeing. I motioned for him to follow me. As he did I looked at the ocean….I saw a man standing on the beach. I was startled knowing I have never really seen any other human. In curiosity I slowly sneaked around him. Trying to see if  he was dangerous. As I came closer he turned around, and saw me….he seemed startled as if he had seen a ghost. I looked at him in confusion wondering why he looked so surprised. I gave a little wave. He didn’t respond. Slowly he started to tilt backwards. Then THUD he hit the ground. I quickly ran to him, and picked him up, and made my way to my small wooden house. Once there I laid him on the bed, and looked at the pile of fruit I had to take care of. I sighed thinking...this is gonna take a while.

    I was almost done only having a small pile of bananas left. I heard a little moan. I looked over and the stranger, seemed to have been waking up. I went over to him, and looked down. He slowly opened his eyes as if adjusting to the dark room. Then he screamed, and scurried like a mouse to the other corner of the room. I giggled a bit. He seemed very scared. He stuttered,”Wh-What are you.” I looked at him confused,” What do you mean?” He looked up and down at me,”’re hair…’s green?!?” I held my hand to my neck, and pulled a bit of hair to look at it. He was right it was green, but I didn’t see anything wrong with that. It was natural to me. I ask,”What’s wrong with that?” He said,”I’ve never seen anything like it before….” He then slowly moved his hand my way,”May I touch it?” I came towards him and took some of my hair and put it to the front of my shoulder. He touched it,”’s actually real, I thought it was a weird wig.” I asked,”What’s a wig..?” He chuckled to himself.”I sure have a lot to tell you.”

Over the next couple of day’s they told each other about their everyday lives.I showed him how I gathered food, and how I lived.

    I was laying on the beach enjoying the sun, after a tiring day. I could hear the footsteps of the man from behind her. I sat up.”Hey.” I said.”Hi.” The man said. We sat there silently for a couple of minutes looking at the water.”I just recognized something.”He said.”I haven’t learned your name yet have I?” He grinned and said,”My names John.” He held his hand up,”My names Midnight.” I remembered this he told me that this, was how people greeted each other. They shook hands. I put my hand out, and he took it, and we shook hands.

 We walked back to the little wooden hut, talking. It felt great to have someone by my side, to talk to. We were finally there, like always he slept on the bed, and I slept on the floor. Tweet.. I looked up at Arthur, and said,”Goodnight Arthur.” I smiled, and slept.

 I woke up suddenly to the sound of shouting. I shot up, and looked around the room for John. I didn’t see him. I ran out, and could see lights. I ran not knowing where to go they didn’t seem like friendly people. Their voices were rough, and they didn’t say nice things. I ran and ran until….SNAP. I flew into the air, and got caught into a net. I was trapped. I struggled, hearing the voices coming closer. Soon they were all surrounding me. Laughing at me. The one thing that was on my mind was John smirking at me.”HA! You trust to easily.” They tied my hands to my back and my legs together, and put me on a boat. Not to long, we stopped the sun was just setting. I was woken up by one of the men, as they took my, and threw me into a carriage. I looked around, it was quiet. I could hear, the wind, blow through the trees. We stopped at large place. A castle, which John has told me. I sighed. I had no idea what was going to happen to me. As we came closer, we walked through gigantic doors, and there I saw a suppose to be king. With red robes, and a crown. He sat on throne.”I brought you a prize my majesty!” He threw me onto the floor and my knees were badly scraped.” Send her to the dungeon….you will get your payment after.” I was taken down a spiral of stairs. The floor was cold as I walked down the step’s and there I could see a cell. My new home. I walked into the cell. I was a tall, area, cold, and isolated. I was scared. I could see the chains on the wall, just for me. The made me sit down, and cut the rope of my arms, and put the ice cold chains around my wrists. They left me there cold. I was shaking in...anger. I trusted him, yet he destroyed me. Tweet. I looked up there I could see Arthur. Looking at me in a sad way.”I’m sorry Arthur…” I screamed, and I blacked out.


  I was now a lost soul. Full of hatred, and suffering. Hoping someone would help. Calling for help in the black hole while ink black hands grabbed at me forcing me to go down with them, I did….


To be continued...

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