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I was getting ready for our camping trip. It was cold out. We were going to camp up in the Smoky Mountains. I was going with my friends Alex, Fred, and Alin.  We packed up our stuff and got in the car.
It was a five-hour drive to the base of the mountain. Then we started hiking. We were hiking for 10 minutes and I started to slip.
”Be careful, Sam,” said  Alex. We hiked in till it got dark. We went about 10 feet of trail. Then we cooked up our food and put everything in our bags and tied them up to a tree so bears could not eat our food. Then we went to bed. 
”Good night” said Alin.
When we woke up we packed up our tents. We started to climb the mountain. It was a pretty uneventful day. We saw a bear in the distance but that was about it. We came to a clearing and decided to set up camp. We went to sleep. We forgot to tie up our food so later that night a bear came along and ate our food. When we woke up it was clear that a bear ate our food. There were 9 other people in the same area. It was very foggy and they did not think anyone was up. But there was one person from their party that was up in a chair outside of his tent. The fog was so thick that we could not see him. We packed up our tents and got ready to go and then just as we're going we stole some of the other people's food. 
The guy in the chair did see us and said “Everybody get up! They’re stealing our food!” They ran out of their tents and chased us up the mountain. 
When we got a little ahead of them we hid behind the bushes and waited. In about a minute then we could see them. There were nine of them. They stopped up ahead and talked a little, but we could not hear them. Then they started to run up the mountain. When they were gone we started to go up the mountain. We were hiking all day. It was evening when we came to a fork in the trail. They read not to go left but the other people did not know that so they went the wrong way. We could see this because of their tracks. We started to go up the mountain the right way.
 We were hiking for three days and we came to the top of the mountain. We walked along the ridge for a while. We were lucky- it was not slippery and set up camp and made dinner. We could see for miles. To our right, we could see a vast desert. And to our left, we could see big mountains and snow-capped mountains. We could see little towns. Allin stated, ”I hope we never go down that!”
 Then we went to sleep. When we woke up and made breakfast. 
We decided to go off the trail so the people that we stole that food from, would not see us so we went off the trail and started to go down the mountain. We spent the night in a clearing. The next morning we packed up our stuff and we left we went deeper into the mountain. 
We spent the whole day going this way Alin said, “I think we are going the wrong way.” 
“I think you are right,” Fred replied.     
Then we decided to go west; that was down the mountain. It was also dark and we could not find a good place to stay. We decided to camp in hammocks that we brought but we realized we did not bring hammocks. We did the best that we could to clear a spot for our tents. When we finally made a clearing,  put up our tents and cooked dinner. 
When we finished it was pitch black. I woke up to a thunderstorm. I went outside. The sky was an ominous shade of gray and black. I vaguely could see in the distance. When we woke up everything was wet fortunately we had our rain flies on. 
We packed up and started off. We were hiking for 3 hours when we heard voices. They were saying, “Jason where's my water?”
 We instantly recognized then. They were the people that we stole the food from so we hid in some nearby bushes. When they came past. They looked terrible. When they passed we got out of hiding.
”Let's go that way,” said Alin. 
So we went that way, and to our luck, we found the trail! So we followed it and eventually, we got to the connecting trail and followed it down the mountain. We eventually got to the parking lot, but there were no cars. We assumed that our car got stolen so we walked down the road. 
We were walking for 3 hours when we got to a river then we realized that we came down on the old trail. We did not know how far we were from the nearest town so we fill our water bottles up with water and started down the road. We were running low on food. We were walking all day when we came to a fork in the road. It was night time so we set up our tents in the middle of the road. So if a car came by they would see us. The only disadvantage was that we could not stake our tents. When we woke up we packed up and started to walk again we decided to go right at the fork after a while the paved road turned into gravel.   
We were walking all day. When we came to a small town we all were hungry so we decided to go in a restaurant. When we got to the door we look at the sign and it said it was open, so we went inside. No one was there. That was when we realized that we had not seen anyone at all, so no one came out. We were in the last house. Its door was open so we went inside and no one was there, but the weird thing was all the lights were on. Finally, we went to the kitchen and there was food in the fridge, so we ate some of the chicken that was in the fridge. We spent the night at the house and in the morning we got back on the road. We kept going and finally started seeing stuff that we recognized. We spent the night on the side of the road. As we were making food we noticed that some of the food we got from the house had black dots on it that just started popping up. We decided to throw it away when we noticed that a bite had been taken from it. 
Shortly after Alin came out of the woods and said, “That was some good food.”
We decided not to tell him about the black dots when we got up in the morning, Alin hade the black dots all over him. As the day went on he got weaker and weaker. It was about 5:33 when Alin died. We all decided to bury him on the side of the road. We kept on but had to equally distribute all of his food in his bag. 
The road turned into dirt it was so dusty it got into our lungs. We could vaguely see the looming mountains in the back of us but to our front, all we could see was desert for miles. We all were feeling down when we saw something a car in the distance it was still on but it was not moving. It was about three miles away. We ran all the way there. When we got there all the windows were tinted it was a black Honda Civic. We could vaguely see a shape inside it looked like a person. We ponded on the windows for like 10 minutes. Then we decided that we were going to break the window.  We got a can of beans and smashed the window.
 We looked in the window and to our horror, it was a dead family. There were two kids in the car and one adult they had the dots all over them. The only thing different was that they were moving. They were still alive we did know what to do. It was a horrible site to see they were jerking all around. We ran away so fast and set up camp about a mile from the car. We did not eat food that night. 
When we got up we went back to the car to see what happened when we got to the car the people and the dots were gone. All that was left was their clothes they had been eaten by the dots. We decided that if we were going to survive that we had to have a car so we got in the car it was at a half tank of gas. We drove for miles the dust flying up behind us when we saw a gas station. While they were filling up the gas, I went inside to look for a first aid kit when I heard banging from a back door. I ran to get the others we went to the door where it was coming from. It was a big metal door. “I think that we should open it” said Alex. as he sed that the banging stopped. Then we pushed open the door to find no one there. We were all freaked out so we ran back to the car. We got in and dove for about five miles the someone sed but I do not recall the person that sed it “ what was baning at the door. We drove intel we came to a big field with a weird looking building we drove up to and people came out of it than they brought us inside it was huge and there were people and farms “what is this place” I said “it’s the survivors”