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The Waters were dark and the rain was pouring.  Down deep in the sea, the coral reefs were filled with fish.  But, little did they know, it was the beginning of something bad.  Something big and full of anger was lurking nearby. 

Suddenly the coral reef was under attack. Fish of all different kinds were being snatched by long slimy arms. Clownfish, grouper, snapper and many more fish were all gone. The monster swam away and the waters became calm and the sky was clear.

Then Tooth, the sand shark, came out of the depths to check for survivors.  He called and called until finally one little fish made a movement. Tooth went to check out what happened and there was a baby clownfish hiding in the coral.

Tooth said, “Are you okay?”

I’m fine” cried the clownfish. 

“What’s your name?” said Tooth.

“My name is Fin” he said.

“Okay Fin, why don’t you come with me, I’ll keep you safe” said Tooth.

“Okay” replied Fin. “What was that thing that just killed all of my family and friends”, cried Fin.

Tooth started to speak, “I can’t tell you, it’s”   “It’s what?” interrupted Fin.

Tooth spoke again, “it’s a large squid about 100 feet long in size.  He wiped out the megalodon sharks and is the last of his kind. When he is near, the water turns dark and it starts to rain”.  

“Why is he so mad” said Fin.

Tooth explained, “He is mad because poachers and other natural disasters killed his family. So he kills everything”.  

“What’s his name” asked Fin. 

“We aren’t for sure but we call him Dark Shadow because he appears out of nowhere.  Let’s go to Crab’s Diner, it’s about 2 miles from here in the Norwegian Sea” said Tooth. 

“Who runs Crab’s Diner” said Fin.

“Claw runs the dinner. He’s the biggest crab in the Sea. He sells oysters, shrimp, and other smaller sea insects” declared Tooth.

“Where does Dark Shadow live?” asked Fin.

Tooth said “In the Bering Sea”.

“But, the Bering Sea is thousands of miles from here” declared Fin.

“Yeah, well he is also the fastest creature in the ocean” said Tooth. 

They arrived at the diner. “Hello Claw” said Tooth. “I’m glad to see you’re alright.

 What happened?” said Claw.

“It’s Dark Shadow.  He attacked us and destroyed our home.  Fin and I were the only survivors” Tooth explained.  “We need to get to the South Atlantic Ocean to get away from him for good” he continued.

“What? You never told me about this. Why do we have to go all the way over there?” said Fin.

“There is a section of tunnels that leads to an entryway where Dark Shadow won’t fit. It is the best place in the ocean. It has plenty of food, healthy coral and sunken ships to live in. And, it can’t be attacked by anything, not even humans” said Tooth. 

“Why?” said Fin.

“Well, because there was a curse that was set by a killer whale, named Windly.  He ruled the sea. He was the most powerful thing in the sea. He sacrificed his life to give us a chance of living and a way to escape from Dark Shadow. Windly was killed by Dark Shadow and that’s what set the curse” said Tooth.

“Let’s head to the South Atlantic Ocean, it’s a 7,152 miles journey” said Claw.

After the first day of traveling they made it about 500 miles.

“Let’s stop and rest” said Fin.

“Alright, let’s do it” said Claw and Tooth together. They rested in a sunken fishing boat.

“Good morning” Said Tooth.

“Good morning” replied Claw. “Where is Fin?”

“I don’t know. I thought he was with you” said Tooth.

Suddenly they heard loud splashes of water and they saw Fin stuck in a net. Claw raced over to the net and snapped it in half, freeing Fin.

“What do you think you’re doing?” said Claw.

“I was just going for a swim” said Fin.

“Never ever do that again!” said Claw. 

“You could have died if we wouldn’t have found you” said Tooth.    

 They began the journey towards the South Atlantic Ocean again.

After 200 miles into that day of traveling Fin said “What is that?”

“Everyone stop, don’t move!” said Tooth.  He continued, “It’s a Great White Shark and they love eating so don’t move a muscle.”

After about 5 minutes of waiting, “Okay he’s gone, let’s go!” said Tooth. 

“Are we almost there?” asked Fin.  “Not even close” said Claw.

“Everyone, come to me” said Tooth.

“Wait! What is that big structure up ahead?” said Fin.

“It’s an underwater cave. We have to go through it to get to the other side” said Claw.

“Why? Can’t we just swim around it?” asked Fin.  

“Well we could, but we won’t make it very long without getting attacked by the huge Barracuda” said Tooth. 

“Okay never mind, we are going through the cave” said Fin.

“One rule before we go into the cave and that is to stay together” said Tooth.

“Okay” replied everyone.

“How long is this underwater cave?” asked Fin.

“About 4,000 miles” said Tooth.  

“It’s so dark in this cave” said Fin.

“Stop complaining.” said Claw.

After about 1,000 miles of traveling in the cave Fin said “Woah! What are all these lights?”  

“Stop!” said Claw.  “Those are angler fish and those lights are for hunting their food and there seems to be a lot of them”.  

“I have an idea” said Tooth.  “What if Fin and I got in between your two claws and then you take us past the angler fish?”

“How do you suppose that will work?” said Claw.

“Well, because they are scared of you. I mean you are bigger than all of them combined” said Tooth.

“Okay, let’s do it.” said Claw. Sure enough, Claw went right past the angler fish and they swam away scared.  

They decided to rest in the cave and start again tomorrow.  They had no idea whether it was night or day because the cave is completely dark.

“Okay, so what’s the plan for today?” said Tooth.

“Hopefully to get out of this cave” said Claw.

Claw, Tooth and Fin started again and were making good time getting through the cave fast without any problems.

“Hey Tooth, I see light again” said Fin.

“We are finally to the end of the cave” said Claw.

They all swam out of the cave into crystal clear water. They were starving.

“Hey look! There are some mussels” said Tooth.

Claw cracked open the mussels and they fed on them. 

“It will be dark soon, let’s go find a place to get some rest” said Tooth.

The three of them got some rest and were full of energy the next morning.

“I have a question.” said Fin.

“What is it?” said Tooth.

“Well, what if we ran into Dark Shadow again, is there anything that can kill it?” asked Fin.

“I’m not for sure.” There are myths of an 80 foot megalodon shark named Zendo, who might still be alive.  But, no one has seen him in decades. It is possible though” said Tooth. “Zendo was really good friends with Windly. They would do all sorts of things together but no one has seen him since Windly died” continued Tooth.

They went about 500 miles and everything was good until the waters suddenly went dark and the rain started pouring and they knew what was happening.

“Hurry, follow me!” said Tooth. 

They went and hid underneath a very large cruise ship that was sunken. They all stayed together. 

“I’m scared!” said Fin.

“We will be alright if we just stay still and don’t make any noise.” said Tooth.

“We can’t get this close and not make it” said Fin.

“Be quiet!” said Claw.

After about 6 hours, Dark Shadow had left and they started off again, very cautiously.

“Look to your left. Look at those beautiful dolphins! Why would there be dolphins over here?” asked Fin.

“It looks like to me, they are looking for the gate to the South Atlantic. Let’s go help them” said Tooth.

The dolphins were in a group of six and they followed Tooth, Claw and Fin to the gate.

“What are your names?” asked Claw.

“My name is Deni.  I am the leader of our group. My friends’ names are Dolly who is very scared of almost everything, Dart who is our fastest, Dylan who is our smartest, Dak who is our strongest, and Daisy who is our newest member of the family.  We rescued her from the barracuda”. 

They all were almost to the gate when suddenly they saw Dark Shadow coming right for them. Dart raced off. He made it in safely.  Dylan made it. Dolly and Daisy made it too. Dak and Deni went back for Fin, Claw and Tooth.

“Go take care of the other dolphins” Dak said to Deni.  Deni raced off to the gate and she made it through.

The other four, who were about 30 yards away from the gate, were now face to face with Dark Shadow.  Dark Shadow reached out his long arms to grab them.  Then something big bit off one of Dark Shadow’s legs. This instantly led to a fight to the death between the two of them and created an opportunity for Fin, Claw, tooth and Dak to go to the gate.

“Go to the gate!!” said the creature fighting Dark Shadow.

“No Way! It’s Zendo, the Megalodon.” said Tooth.

“It is? What a remarkable beast and thank goodness he’s on our side.” said Claw.

Zendo defeated Dark Shadow and then he was gone before anyone could even say thank you.  

Tooth, Fin, Claw and Dak had made it to the gate safely. And they all began their new happy life.    

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