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The Great Invention

    As everyone knows, due to their short, stubby legs gummy bears are terrible drivers. This is why billy the gummy bear always took a cab to and from work. It was rush hour In the city of Ajtopia and all the cars were speeding down the freeway, weaving between buildings thousands of feet high.  Among them, there was a yellow cab with Billy the gummy bear in the back. It seemed like forever the traffic was so slow. After a hard days work Billy had finally got back to his apartment. Billy the gummy bear sat on his blue and orange porch swing watching the beautifully amazing city sunset while reading his favorite novel pigs really can fly by Jhon mason. Billy started cooking dinner. He was making chicken fettuccine alfredo. Then He was sitting down enjoying his “masterpiece” of a dinner when an ad on tv popped up for a science fair

“I’m listening” Billy said. One of the category’s was greatest invention. The top prize was 1 million dollars so Billy went to his friend Jim Bob to get some supplies. 2 incredibly long hours later…

“No I forgot about the carbon fluxuator!” Billy groaned

“And Jim bob is closed what will I do” Billy grabbed his keys and coat, locked the  door and set out to find a carbon fluxuator. Billy was driving again due to short stubby feet Billy was swerving all over the place. He could only go so fast with small legs cause he could barley reach the petals. since Billy was short he got lost and pulled over to ask for directions

“Hello sir can you tell me where I am” Billy said

“Well you are in oh say on the outskirts of Johnston city”

“Ok thanks a lot” Billy got out his map but didn’t realize raiders were unscrewing the metal frame that attaches the hover machine on his 9999 flying Jeep rubicon Billy was driving home when suddenly put put clank screeeeeeeetch the hover machine Jared loose causing billy to crash into a sky rail.

“Awwww man now I’ll never get any where!” So Billy decided to hitch-hike home. He didn’t have any luck finding a carbon fluxuator. So when he got home he decided to change from a holographic projecter to a shrink/enlargement gun. 5 more incredibly tiresome intense hard slow long long looooong hours later...

“finally it’s done” billy said

he had made his shrink/enlargement gun. Billy got a good nights rest woke up at 7:00 am grabbed a quick bowl of oatmeal and headed out the door. Billy was walking down the alley behind phil’s furniture store when the evil dark overlord Bob! And Chase T the chicken (who is an evil scientist) jump out of nowhere and mugged billy (with mugs) and stole the raygun.

“Nighty night” bob said just before whacking billy on the head. Then billy wakes up not knowing who he is and reaks of nasty garbage. He had been dumped off in a dumpster.

    “Where am I” asked billy confused as a homeless man walked past him he was in the ghetto. He asked someone how far he was from Ajtopia.

“Ajtopia is about 5 miles from here” the man said

“oh no” billy exclaimed

the deadline for the project was in 2 days how would he ever think of a new project. So Billy started searching his pockets he found his teletransporter.

“YES!!!” Billy shouted he then set it on the ground and dialed the coordinates of his apartment beep beep beep

“Noo the teletransporter needs 1.21 more gigawatts make it to my apartment” Billy moaned. So billy walked and searched for a gigawattege generator. Billy had found an old gigawattege generator in a dumpster behind Johns amazing pizza. He then tried firing it up  bonk bang POW REEEEEEEEEEEEEEET

“Yes it works and it’s really loud” billy said billy hooked up his teletransporter to the gigawattege generator. 30 minutes later… ZZZZZZ SHOOOOOOM POW!! Billy made it home fired up his super-puter and decided to track down the evil dark overlord bob. He listened to the police radar and heard about a high speed chase. He also looked at old hideouts of overloard bobs villain groups he searched all of them but kept looking. He searched and searched when finally.One hour later he found bob and Chase T in an old door factory. He grabbed an old door, crept up on Chase T and hit him on the head with the door. Then bob grabbed the raygun and accidentally enlarged billy to thirty feet tall! Bob then ran for his life

“AHHHHHHHHH!!” But billy was too fast Billy stepped on Bob. But since billy was a gummy bear Bob squshed right into Billy’s leg. Billy grabbed the ray gun and yanked Bob out of his leg. Bob tried to hit Billy with a metal pole. But billy found a random fart gun and turned off the safety pulled the trigger and FFFFFFTTTTTTT!

“Agh!” Bob shouted. Bob got nauseous from the smell threw up and blacked out. Billy called the cops and decided to shrink back to normal size. He liked being tall but he would destroy every single thing by accidentally stepping on it. Bob and CHASE T were finally  arrested. Then Billy sprinted to the fair he made it just on time to enter his invention in the fair he had competition for sure. 1 hour later the judges announced the winner

“And the winner is… billy the gummy bear and his amazingly awesome shrink/enlargement gun!” the main judge exclaimed. The crowd went wild, Billy jumped on stage and got the 1 million dollars. Meanwhile back at the police department bob woke up with a migraine that he said was the size of Jupiter and one that day Bob learned a very  valuable lesson, never to steal something know matter how bad or much you want it also don’t mess with gummy bears.

The End


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