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I hear every sound. I speak when I’m spoken to when I’m addressed by name. I can’t see. I don’t trust these people.

           I hear the door open. Footfalls thud against the creaky floors.

           “Gemini, lights on!” a gruff voice shouts.

           I always have to do what I’m told.

           A pounding sounds on the door.

           “Gemini! Open the door!”

           There is an electronic beeping.

           “Komodo,” the gruff voice says.

           “Ammo,” a silky voice drawls.

           They discuss the usual—Operation Obsidian. They speak in hushed tones, but I can hear what they’re saying.

           “We must do it now,” says Ammo.

           “Do you have the gun?” says Komodo.

           There is a thunk.

           I’ve heard them talk about this before. I don’t understand. My intelligence only goes so far.

           I miss my previous owner. He always said goodnight to me.

  I hear sirens.

“We’ve gotta go,” Komodo hisses.

There is a knock. “Open up! It’s the police!”

I know that voice!

“We must shoot this thing. It knows too much,” Komodo says.

“I’ll do it. Out the window,” says Ammo.

The window screeches open, followed by a thud.

Is she referring-






An A.I. card lies in a mess of broken plastic.


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