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I've never been one to let my inquisitive side take over.

People may label me apathetic, indifferent and even ignorant about things, but I found myself shrugging it all off.

We all have our own perspectives. I just didn't care enough to know theirs.

As such, I was usually the person who would learn to accept the circumstances as they are and do the things asked of me subserviently.

Usually is the word.

For the moment I laid my eyes on you, I questioned everything.

How could such vivid cerulean exist? What was the name of the one who bore those beautiful orbs? How was it possible to see the entire universe inside them?

You rendered me petrified.

Yes. Petrified. 

Because of your ethereal beauty which—I silently think to myself—isn't something someone like me should be curious about.

For a moment, you were my world. 

For a moment, I revolved around you.

For a moment, you made me feel complete.

But, beyond that, you were nothing more than a memory I would forget.

I was but a passerby you would never know.

You and I are just strangers to each other.

Strangers whose worlds collided by a mere coincidence.

Strangers whose worlds are bounded by serendipity.

Strangers and nothing more.

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