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You were different,

I knew it from the start.

Perhaps you were too diffident,

And took all I said to heart.


Every time I looked at you,

It's only what you lack that I saw.

And, all of this, I now rue,

With sincerity so raw.


All this time,

You were alone,

While I was in my prime,

With pride being the only thing I hone.


While my pillow was drenched with spittle,

Yours was stained with tears.

With hope fading little by little,

You were left with nothing but fears.


Regret came sooner than expected,

And, I then came to understand your pain.

Voices started to ring inside my head,

And, all I ever thought I had started to wane.


I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Would you accept my apology?

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Though if I were you, I wouldn't have forgiven me.


You should be feeling animosity

And shout at me all day long.

But, why would you just stare at me,

And smile like there was nothing wrong?


I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Please know that I didn't mean it.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

For I let you fall to despair's pit.

Time flew by,

And I went on living a lie,

Now, all I could do was sigh,

And give a smile so wry.


Thank you, thank you,

For forgiving though I might not make it up to you.

Thank you, thank you.

For being you.

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