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It was the end of a decade.

Tears of joy fled from her eyes
As she stood up on the cliff she knew
The fears that had once controlled her life
Would soon go away
And as the clock struck a certain hour 
She dove,

The cold water rushed against her skin
As she sank in a sea of dreams
Remembering those long lost
Submerged in things that will never be,

Slowly, the water numbed the pain,
And as she rose from the depth
She was reborn.
Her soul wiped clean
For all her sorrows had drowned.

She forgot all about those
Who had burned down her walls,
Who had stripped her bare,
Who had picked her apart and stitched her back together.

The whispers that haunted her every minute of every day,
Reminding her fear was the only thing 
She'll ever know.
Were now nothing but distant echoes.
Replaced by a voice of kindness and love.

Her heart for once in her life beat a steady rhythm. 
A rhythm filled with new dreams and promises.

It was the start of an age...