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    I think someone is following me, I don’t know who or why but someone is definitely following me. Everywhere I go he follows me, to school and home. I try to outrun him, but I can’t. Each day he gets closer and closer to me. I fear what he will do to me when he catches me. Why is this happening? I tell my parents, they think I am crazy, and won’t believe me. It is like they can’t see him. I tell my closest friend at school and she doesn’t see anyone either. Why is this happening? Yesterday he almost caught me, I am too afraid to leave the house to go to school. At least I am safe here. All day long, I am scared and nervous. I finally muster up the courage to open the curtains on my window upstairs and there he is. His face looking into my window, I scream as he breaks the window with his hand. I run to my bedroom door and try to open it, the door handle is stuck. I desperately hit the door, yelling and screaming for my parents. No one comes.

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