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Dark clouds hung above above me, nothing like the bright blue skies of my innocent childhood. The sand which I once loved to be buried in by my friends, felt like sandpaper against my skin. The silky smooth sand I used to build sandcastles was gone, buried in the past with all my fond memories of this place. I would never see my friends again. I would never come here again. Those memories were never going to be relieved. I started shaking with emotion, for all I wanted was to live. The ground starting shaking harder than I was, I fell to my knees, pleading for my life. If I concentrated hard enough I could hear the laughter, my laughter, my friends’ laughter, our laughter, as we played in the waves. The waves that were harmless, that splashed against us as we chatted merrily. Those were gone, replaced with menacing waves that rapidly approached me. I tried to hang on to the laughter, but it was soon drowned out by the booming roars. I closed my eyes and wished for the best as I was engulfed by the seawater.

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