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When I was young and bizarre

I used to watch a star

Thinking that it was not that far

I could ride to it by car

I’d catch it in my jar

My hopes were set upon a bar

I thought, if I didn’t, it’d leave a scar

For these were my dreams from afar

Of stars, I thought I was on par

These thoughts in my brain like tar

People would mock me, and back I’d spar

They thought, that with me, something was ajar

My thoughts were still stuck on it, like a sandbar

Yet, one day I didn’t look at the star

Dust soon covered my ‘star catching’ jar

My dreams lost in the great afar

When older, I found a sketch of the car

In which I’d ride to my star with my jar

That night, I looked for my star

Finding it, it drove my joy up to no par

But then it crashed down into a sandbar

Remembering memories that seem so far

Because that’s what old dreams are:

A treasured scar

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