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Will they miss me? Will they feel sad at all? Will they even care? Will they even remember?

Mom and I were playing a card game called speed, it was the only game that could distract us from the crushing reality of our situation. The distraction of whether or not she’ll have a six to play on top of the seven and then let me play my five and win. Usually, it works to distract me from anything that’s annoying the crap out of me. This time I think it won’t work there is just to much going on. I’m trying to put a smile on my face. Secretly acting like I’m sneezing but I’m just wiping off my tear so she thinks I’m so strong not even crying during the worst thing ever. I think my mom might now that I’m hiding that I’m sad I mean I have “sneezed” almost twelve times in the past half hour.  I promise myself I would not cry in front of anyone and I will stay strong.

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