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It goes in. I want it out.

It hurts. I don't want it to.

They are counting.

One one-thousand, two one-thousand, three one-thousand.

Still counting.

Four one-thousand, five one-thousand.

It feels like it's been years. I know it hasn't.

The kids at school are having fun. Well, probably.

At least more fun than me.

Me. Sitting here. At the doctor, with a big needle stuck in my leg.

I have been here all day, and the seconds I am experiencing right now will never leave me.

But this is for the best. All the pain. I am sad and scared yet I should be glad.

This pain I am experiencing is saving my life.

They are still counting, six one-thousand, seven one-thousand.

Still, out of all the sad and scary things I have experienced this is the worst.

The worst worst. This is not only sad, it is sad and scary.

Eight one-thousand.

Could they just stop?!?

I know the answer. They can’t. This here is saving my life. I am crying sobbing. It hurts. I want it to stop hurting.

Nine one-thousand.


Ten one-thousand, out! Oh the joy!

It felt like ten years, but I am still ten, the same age as before. The thing that just happened is the story of my life. My allergy, that I’ve had since I could walk.

Almost no one can relate. But me. I can relate. I am me.

Of course I can relate! I will be able to tell everyone. Everyone!

Wait. Why am I so excited? It was very painful, and upon closer inspection, it was 26 seconds. 16 seconds to long for medical reasons, and 26 seconds to long for me.


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