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It was farm owner Pete that wired Treavor to do the long overdue job. There are tales about the beast. Some are myths, terrifying children, but plenty are true. It’s said that he’s 400 pounds and 8ft. tall. People fear him like mice fear cats. Stories say he kills your livestock in seconds. The day Treavor was hired to hunt the bear was stormy. Lightning continuously shot out. Pete begged Treavor to pause his hunt, but he was eager, didn’t listen, and loaded the chopper. Within seconds of flying Treavor spotted the beast. He tried the best he could, but the weather made it hard to control the helicopter. He soon set his sights on the bear. From there on everything moved fast and as if straight from a movie. The shot fired, then the bullet ricochet off the lightning, hitting the helicopter. Now damaged, it was losing altitude. As the helicopter fell the beast jumped and plucked Treavor from his seat, but before the bear could attack, the helicopter smashed them both. It’s said you can still see where their electrified bodies imprinted the forest floor. As for Pete, there isn’t a night he doesn’t replay that dreaded sight.

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