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The cold, gusty wind made it harder to fly,


But my friend told me I had to try,


The wind stung my face like a thousand bees,


When I jumped from the bridge, I buckled my knees,


My stomach went lurching, and twisting and churning,


As I opened my eyes to see the world turning,


I stretched out my wings and took a deep breath,


Hoping this day wouldn’t end in my death,


I could feel my heart pounding as loud as a drum,


The air seemed so thin, as I swayed to and from,


I fell down from the sky in a tumbling motion,


And I screamed in the air with a loud commotion,


Suddenly the ground rushed up to meet me,


But at the last minute the wind swooshed beneath me


Pushing me back up into the sky,


I finally did it, I had learned how to fly,


My smile reached to the tip of my ears,


I had just realized I conquered my fears,


This is who I am meant to be,


Someone that could reach sky-high goals , this is ME.


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