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It was a normal day at school, there was a nice breeze and a nice fall crisp outside. The smell of spiced cinnamon apples lingers in the halls. As I am walking to math class, I run into someone. I drop my books and the sound cascades down the hallway. “Sorry, you okay?” I said “Yea, you?” he said  “Yeah”

I watch as his glistening emerald green eyes dance away. “Sigh”. I go and sit at a hightop table next to the window. My teacher starts to talk, I tune him out. I look up at the sky it’s a beautiful baby blue. I spot a cloud it looks so fluffy, It reminds me of my dog, I miss her, I can’t wait to see her. Out of nowhere, a ginormous shadow comes so close I touch it. In the blink of an eye, I scream. EVERYBODY GET DOWN! BOOM, CRASH, KAPOW……

Chapter 1


Hello… I see Ian stand up I’m relieved. POP POP POP! “Gasp” I drop my head to the floor and play dead. The mysterious figure walks away, I jump up, make my way to him. “Your Bleeding”(I’m weeping) I pick his head up and hold him in my arms. He says with his last dying breath. “Tell my family I love them.” I sit and watch as he slowly slips away. I set him down gently, and look around the room. I’m scared… I roam the room in search of my living friends. I sit on the floor for a while, I close my eyes I hope someone will pinch me, and I’ll wake up from this nightmare as I open my eyes I still see the tragedy around me. I get up and look out at what’s left of the window. I see chaos. I look around the room again my friends emerge from the wreckage. I’m happy but sad. I whisper-shout their names, they turn their heads still confused as to what is going on. I try to explain it to them. But they don't want to hear it. We cry together for a little.

I hear wail for help. I see my teacher stand up. We all run over, many other students stand up and join in the huddle; (Including the following Yoko, Katie, Evan, Keera, Jack, Cade, Ian.M, Doni, Patrick, Alex, Nola...) What’s going on is everyone alright? It’s him laying on the floor a piece of debris is plugged through his stomach. Evan his best friend is crying people try to comfort him. He takes a moment with his best friend, we let them be. Now it’s my turn I pick him up and set his head on my lap. I try to help, I’m not doing very well. I start sobbing and I see tears start to flow from his eyes. “I’m so sorry I say” He tries to speak I tell him not to talk. He says something anyway. I can’t really understand him. But then I make out what he’s trying to say and I was so shocked he leans up and whisper into my ear “ I like you, I always have and always will” Me too I hug him tightly and he takes his last breath then he’s gone! I start sobbing more and more I set him down slowly and than get up and run away as fast as I can. Why are poor sweet little town and our poor sweet little school?

Chapter 2

The Unknown

I can’t handle it anymore I run, I don’t stop, down the stairs, they all follow me. I can’t believe that this happened. The smell of smoke drifts in the air. I trip and fall. My chin is cold. The hairs on the back of my neck stand I look up, I see feet. It’s him. He reaches his hand out I take it we hug he’s so warm I tell him I just wanna disappear he tells me to stand strong. My friends walk over and see me laying on the floor look around and they help me up. It was just a dream. I tell them we have to help everyone. We rush up the stairs Evan and Cade are nudging each other I see ahead of us there's a huge hole in the floor(that must have been where the bomb hit). I run and jump in front of them, they stop my foot slips and I fall back they both grab my arm and pull me up. We all stand back. Sit on the floor. Cade and Ian.M keep watch. Katie, Jack, and my teacher Joe try to strategize. I feel a cold breeze brush against my check the air smells so fresh it gives me a sense of hope. I look down the gap in the floor and I feel like falling. I know I  shouldn’t so I hold on. Take a breath and step away. We find our way around the hole in the floor and we run to Mary’s class to search for survivors. Each of us takes a part of the room and some people guard the door. I see Zakiya she’s alright (I think) I ask her if she’s alright she says yes. She helps some of her other friends. And we move cautiously and quietly to Peter’s room. I run in and look for Brandon he’s here and okay. Some other kids get up of the floor and help others up. We all together run to Aina’s room and some kids come out of the room. Some other teachers join us. Then we all make our way to the pool lobby, but before we went through the double doors I stop everyone because I see people patrolling the doors so we run to the other side of the building. We keep running until we get outside. In the process some kids break down some are hurt and some just can’t go on then someone with a gun comes out of the cafeteria and POP POP POP! Some kids get down the others keep on running and the ones who got shot we leave to die. We keep running on and on someone slips and falls some people help them up and carry them with us. None of us can afford to stop. Then we made it to the bus stop just in time we all climbed on like 50 of us. We scrape together just enough money to get us downtown then we all wait and mourn the loss of our peers.

Chapter 3

Home at last

“Where should we go?” “ Who should we call?” “What are we going to do?” “Everyone we should all just go home,” someone said. No, we have to go back I said We have to help everyone. “It’s still dangerous and I bet that most of the people are dead and if they're not then they probably will be.” So we still have to try to help, who’s with me? No one seriously. I’ll go Zakiya said, I’ll go Brandon said, I’ll go Katie said, I’ll go Yoko said, I’ll go Alex said, I’ll go Patrick said, I’ll go Doni said, I’ll go Jack said, I’ll go I guess said Keera, Fine I’ll go Cade said, Let's all go, but first we have to come up with a plan. Anybody got a phone on them. Yeah, I do, okay can someone call the police and fill them in. We should have done that first thing. I’m on it said Alex. Alright let’s split into groups and assign roles. “Before I call the police, tell me what am I supposed to say?” Alex asked. Just tell them the basic information I said. Okay, Alex said. Once Alex is done let's head out but first we need to slip into two groups, one group will go to the front of the school and the other group will go to the back. So who wants to go with me to the back of the building? Okay, Brandon, Zakiya, Sawyer, Alex, Doni, Patrick, Cody, Ben, I need one more person, Cade okay and everyone else you're all going to the front of the building. Everyone ready let’s go. We made our way back to school and took our positions until the police arrived and told everyone who was able to, to leave the premises. Then all the people who were injured went to the hospital and all the people who’ve moved on were all taken to the graveyard and all the families decide how they would like to bury them. The people that bombed us and shot up our school got arrested and got a life sentence, and the rest of us returned home. Zakiya and I walked together home she walked to her house and I walked to mine. Once she was out of sight I ran as fast as I could until I got home and as m house came into view I say my whole family waiting from in my front yard and everyone ran up to me hugged me, then I crouched down and there she was my dog oh how I missed her.

The End… For Now ;)

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