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One day a wee mouse was sniffing around,

When he discovered a lion, sleeping on the ground.

The lion awoke and opened his jaws,

Squealing, the mouse stared at the lion’s huge claws,

He pleaded, “Please let me go, for you won’t regret,”

“For there might be a time when you’re in a fret,”

“And if so, I’ll certainly help you, don’t you see?”

“If you only let me go, so I can be free!”

The lion agreed with a happy smile,

Wondering if he’d see the mouse in a while,

And sure enough one day right after his nap,

The lion found himself caught in a hunter’s trap!

The mouse heard the moans of the lion and rushed to his side,

And peered at the ropes in which he was tied,

The mouse thought for a moment, then he knew what to do,

To the lion’s amazement he began to chew!

The lion was relived as he found,

That he was free from the ropes that had held him bound!

Graciously, he thanked his friend,

For thanks to the mouse, he had not met his end.

And so it is concluded, in this mere tale,

That even the littlest friends, no matter how small,

Will surely be there to catch you when you fall.

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