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I used to love spring…

Remember when you and I used to play

in the new fields of dandelions

with fuzzy heads like feathers?

We’d flit among the cool, silky green grass

and boundless fields of bold, blushing flowers

like little butterflies -

seeing everything in bright color.

We’d sit on big flat rocks

taking in the friendly warmth of the sun

for the first time in months.


Every year, we’d race to the park to see

fluffy yellow ducklings paddling

in the river,

feeding them crumbs of bread

we’d begged mama to let us bring.

We lived for the weekends

flying princess kites,

the sweet warm breeze caressing us.

I felt I could fly higher than a kite

like I could do anything with you by my side.


Oh, did I love spring.


A year after you were taken from me though -

can you blame me

for hating it?

Instead of flying, I feel buried

under frozen impenetrable ground

Fields full of bluebells, wobbly-legged baby deer

funny-shaped clouds -

all remind me

you’re not here


But today is your birthday

I owe it to you to try again


I place a bouquet of your favorite

hyacinths and orchids

on your grave.

Close my eyes, feel the

cool, calming breeze brush my face,

drying my tears.

The birds’ songs are so lively and airy -

I can hear your voice in them

like how we used to sing along

to the old radio.


I touch the grass

smell it’s crisp sweetness

And somehow

I can feel your spirit in me

your angelic smile

and warm hug

envelop me.


I realize,

you are everywhere

in the gentle spring breeze

in the sweet fragrance of the tulips

in the comforting warmth of the sun


Maybe I can start loving spring again.

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