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Once upon a time, there was a little blue crayon who had a taste for adventure. One day he decided he was bored of being in his cardboard box home, so he jumped out to face adventure. Unfortunately, before he could do anything, an arm knocked him off the table, and he flew across the room and out an open door, into the backyard. He stood up wondering where he was and realized he was in a perilous jungle (the grass). He trekked across the “jungle” into the house and saw a gigantic beast (the dog) hurtling toward him. Thinking fast, he hopped on the “beast” and rode till he got to a cliff (the counter). He got to a bubbling waterfall (the sink). He decided to swing around it, so he found a sturdy rope (string) and swung to the other side. He saw the table where his house was and jumped on the “beast” and rode to the table. He jumped off expecting to fall, but instead a hand grabbed and set him back in the box. “I never want to get out of this box unless I really have to!” and he never did.

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