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I was sitting in a corner, alone. No one talked to or cared for me, until one day, a girl talked to me.

“Hi!” she exclaimed, “My name’s Alley. May I join you?”

I replied quickly, ”Sure.”

From that day on, I thought Alley would be my best witch ever. But, I had no idea a storm was passing my way.

Fast forward five years. Now I know how stupid I was when I was younger. My name’s Delilah Khan, a thirteen-year old witch who goes to Hollow Woods. Hollow Woods is the school I’ve been going to for my entire life! (I’m only in seventh grade). My friends, enemies, and I aren't the witches from fairy tales, but people who just happen to to be gifted with magic. Back to my enemy- Alley Unicerniller. Once upon a time, Alley and I used to be best witches. I regret that choice everyday.

From our first day at Hollow Woods up until sixth grade, I’d always admired her. She was so pretty and was a witch who loved to have fun, but during fourth grade, Anna Soumen was her best witch forever, making Alley always busy. However, something happened between them and they went their separate ways. So finally, in about fifth grade I landed the spot of best witch to Alley, and two others did too. Avery McSiren and Stephania Famajica. Two witches and I, bound to be in Alley’s squad.

On August 1, 2018, the scariest thing happened- there was a new witch- Jezebel Blair.I could finally see my witches again after a long summer break, but of course one person had to ruin everything. Luckily, she minded her own business for awhile, until one day, she got clingy with Alley. She now wears makeup and says terms like “spill the cat, witch”. But, most importantly, she was taking three witches spots to be Alley’s best witch.

 Months passed by until October rolled around, my favorite month! This is the month where I am truly free to show myself in the human world, on Halloween. Mother told me that it’s good to keep up with old witches, so I invited Anna over instead of Alley. Hopefully no one would find out.

It seemed like years before my favorite day rolled around, but eventually it was here- Halloween! Once Anna arrived we had an amazing time, and I realized that I missed her quite a lot sometimes. I told myself never mind that. The only thing I wanted was the only spot of best witch to Alley. The next day came, which I thought would be terrific because I had a new hoard of candy. But somehow, Alley figured out I had invited Anna instead of her and the squad! She kept on asking about it and telling me how rude it was to invite people who aren’t in your squad. I started feeling bad. And, I deserved it, Alley making comments about how I’m a horrible friend.

Alley seemed to have forgiven me about Halloween. I still had a scar from her from yesterday. She was offering her muffin to the squad, and I took some. She clearly hadn’t like me doing that. And when Alley doesn't like something, it usually ends with a hex. But she acted like nothing happened yesterday and everything was fine. Mrs. Gurry, our teacher, announced we were going Hilltmore for a field trip- The first castle made by wizards and witches alone. This was my chance to become Alley’s best witch!

“Hey Alley, want to sit on my broomstick for the Hilltmore trip?” I asked.

She replied,” Sure.”

YES,YES! I was screaming in my head. I had the position of best witch in my hands.

Just a month before Hilltmore, mutiny in the squad occurred. Apparently, Jezebel and Avery said something mean to Alley, and blocked her on Broomstigram, the largest social media website for witches and wizards. So Jezebel and Avery started watching us from the corner whenever Stephania, Alley, and I were talking and eating lunch together. I just needed Stephania to screw up somewhere, and then, boom! I automatically get the title of Alley’s best witch.

At last, the Hilltmore field trip came. Alley sat right next to me on my broom, and we were in the air. We had conversations about the most random things, but it all made sense together. It was about two hours before we arrived at the Hilltmore. We were divided into two groups. I couldn’t believe my luck! I was with Alley. Unfortunately, Stephania was in our group too. When we were done with the tour,we could roam wherever we liked. I told everyone that I brought 50 dollars to buy something for my parents. That was the worst mistake I could’ve made. Maggy, a girl in my class, was the first one that asked me if she could borrow some money. She left her money on her broomstick, and claimed that she would pay me back when we get there.

I replied, “Sure, just make sure you pay me back.”

Maggy nodded as I handed her the money. Of course, Alley just had to notice me giving the money to Maggy, and came over to where we were.

“You’re gonna give me money to spend here, right Delilah?” Alley questioned. “Twenty dollars will be enough. I promise I’ll pay you back tomorrow.”

I had no idea what to do; twenty dollars was half of my money, and Alley wasn’t the type of person who would pay you back.

“Um,” I hesitated,” I don’t want to lend more money to people. Sorry.”

She argued with me for awhile until she shouted, ”Fine. Give it to the witch who isn’t even your friend!”

I felt horrible. I asked Maggy if I could have my money back, so no one would use it.  Reluctantly, Maggy gave back the borrowed money. To deal with Alley, I bought her twenty dollar chocolates for the ride back to Hollow Woods. She seemed to forgive the entire incident back home.


Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, with no sign of anything exciting coming up. I wasn’t one step closer or further from being Alley’s best witch. Stephania, Alley, and I carried on with our lives being (or pretending to be) friends. We ate lunch and sat beside each other at all times. The only thing I was looking forward to was Friday. National Broomstick day was on Monday so Hollow Woods made Friday a half day of school. While I was grabbing my snack I saw the most peculiar thing. Avery, Jezebel, and Alley were all talking and giggling. I approached from behind, and saw what the conversation was about.

“What’re you going to do for your birthday?” Avery and Jezebel both questioned.

Alley replied, ”Not sure, but hopefully something cool.”

After Jezebel and Avery left, I asked Alley, ”Why were they asking about your party?”

“I’ve no idea.” Alley admitted.

I had high hopes that they would leave our group alone, not making anymore complications for me.

On Tuesday, we returned from our Holiday Break. And during the holiday, I saw Broomstigram blowing up with photos of Jezebel and Avery with Alley. It didn’t look like Alley’s house, which was good. Still, it felt safe to say they were the new witches of our squad.

Alley and Jezebel seemed to grow addicted to each other. Alley didn't even talk to me that much anymore. In fact, I grew closer to Stephania and Avery, which wasn’t expected. We talked about how all of us were third wheels, and how they just ignored us at times. Still, Alley made sure to talk to Avery and Stephania, but she didn’t even talk to me for a week.

For months, I continued to be ignored. But one day, I decided I couldn’t take this anymore. So, I decided to have an open, honest conversation with Alley. I scurried over to Alley while she was free, and asked, ”Hey Alley, can I talk to you for a second?”

Alley replied, “Sure. What do want to talk about?”

“Well,” I answered, “I’ve felt left out for the last few months. I don’t know if you like me anymore.”

“Of course I like you! You will always be one of my best witches ever! I’ll make sure this will never happen again!” she exclaimed with an embrace.

I had no idea what to feel or say. I finally got the title of best witch, but I wasn’t the only one. I felt reassured that she would make me feel included from now on, but the whole best witch thing rattled me for while. Did I give so much time for nothing? All I could hope for now was that things would go back to the good normal.

A week passed by, and it was the best week of my life. Alley would only talk to me unless I gave her permission to talk to someone else. It was amazing, and on Broomstigram she posted so many photos of us. I was glad that I savored that week, because for the rest of the month, I was back to square one.

A month passed by, longer than I expected to be stuck in square one. In fact, I felt that I was in square zero! Somedays, I was so upset that I had to cry myself to sleep, and tell myself this friendship would be worth it. Everyday grew longer and longer. I didn’t like how I usually looked, and Alley and Jezebel kept on talking about how other people looked, almost like they were mocking me. Also, I was one of the winners in the National Magical Areas Association, and so was one of my classmates, Emily. Emily was smart, and I knew she would beat me. But, the whole squad told me that she was going to beat me and I shouldn't even try.

I started to hang out with Anna again. I thought she’d be able to help me deal with Alley. I told about what happened, every single detail, and she heard all of it without ignoring me, which was a nice change. Anna reminded me that she used to be the best witch of Alley. Then, Alley started being mean to her, and Anna just left. I explained to her that I wanted Alley to see what pain she caused me. Anna suggested I should write a note.

“Alley, I want you to know what you did! I’m angry and upset! Figure out who wrote this!” is what I had written on the note. I told her that something had flown into her backpack, while she was leaving. She replied, ”Ok.” Finally, Alley would see what she had done.

The night before I realized I shouldn't have written the note. It was a bit extra, but that is how I truly felt. I still felt bad about it. At least it would be the weekend tomorrow, which would be good.

I was bored during the weekend, so I decided to open Broomstigram. I thought nothing was happening this weekend so I could catch up with my friends.Then I saw a picture of Jezebel, Avery, and Alley at a sleepover at Alley’s house. I felt like my heart had been put under a million hexes. I didn’t know what to do, so I sent a cauldron message to Avery…


So, you’re having a sleepover.

Without me.

Is Stephania there?


Alley invited us.

Stephania isn’t there, but she saw Alley yesterday after school.


Why didn’t she invite me?


Ask her.

You may want to apologize first.

Then, I started to send a cauldron message to Alley; apologizing first.


Alley I’m sorry about the note.

I was just so angry at the moment. I just wasn’t thinking.

A more polite way to say it was I felt unincluded, and etc.


Please elaborate.


I feel alone, used, made fun of, betrayed, and hurt.

I feel like all of our friends were so close to you, and no one gets me.


HOW ARE YOU USED??? FROM THE BEGINNING I’VE BEEN YOUR BEST WITCH. I’VE ALWAYS BEEN THERE FOR YOU DELILAH! And, you don’t even care to say a nice thank you! I’m not letting you ruin my weekend so bye.

And I’m sorry you feel that way, but I’ve done EVERYTHING I can to make you feel included and one in the group.


I’m not talking only about you.


If you’re mad at anyone it shouldn’t be me.


I was talking a bit about everyone.


So of course you just chose to plant the note in MY backpack. Gotta go.


Because you’re backpack was open.

Easiest to get to.

The note was meant for everybody.

Look I’m sorry.

I should have been way more respectful to all of you.

You the most.

But, I was just angry and only this disrespectful has never happened.

I’m saying I was disrespectful.


Maybe next time you should…

1- Be more specific.

2- Think about how long I’ve been there for you.

3- Maybe consider...

A- thanking me.

B- apologizing to everyone

I’ve got to indulge myself in a huge cookie with girls that don’t plant rude notes in my backpack. I’ll try to include you more, but when people don’t tell you why they’re mad I can’t do anything. Thanks for the apology, but you owe one to Jezebel, Stephania, and Avery. Bye.


I was so upset. Like curses and hexes went all upon me. But, I decided to act fast by doing the things Alley told me to do. I first started with the thank you note...

I know you may as well hate me. If was you I would hate me too. You protected me from anything that could hurt me. You were my savior when I was alone.

Done! I would apologize to Avery, Jezebel, and Stephania on a school day. I just hoped things would get better.

Fast forward one year. Hi I’m the Delilah  Khan currently writing this story. I broke off my friendship with Alley the next day I saw her (after talking to my parents.) Stephania, Avery, Jezebel, and Anna became my best witches. Alley was a whole storm, and she took away all of her friends from being it. I’m finally content. I don’t want to compete for best witch anymore. I feel like I got my fairy-tale ending. How can that be true? Witches never get their fairy-tale endings, but I realize that I did get my fairy-tale ending with all my best witches. Now excuse me while I go live off my happily ever after .


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