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I was walking down the city street smelling the carbon filed air, feeling great. My boss had just given me a slight pay raise. I was headed home when I felt a presence behind me, I heard their heavy work boots clunking along the sidewalk. I picked up the pace and hoped to lose them. Only 2 blocks away from my apartment. I was worried to look behind me, the person might identify me. It was a risk I had to take. I quickly turned my head, cracking my neck in the process, to realize that no one was behind me. Worried for no reason, I reached my apartment feeling relieved.

These 12 hour days make me hungry. Maybe I should visit the hot dog stand, It would be a good way to get some walking in since I sit at a desk all day. I walked out into the cold fall breeze. When the stand was close the smell entered my nose before I even took a sniff. There was a tall man with a suit and glasses on in front of me who looked like he should be in a business meeting. I was surprised to see him ordering from a hot dog cart on the street, but there was no reason for me to judge, he looked like a nice man.

The stand owner handed him the hot dog and he walked over to a nearby bench and sat down.
I suddenly lost my appetite and I turned to go walk back to my house and I saw the man in the suit looking at me, but I just kept on walking. My back was hurting and my legs were hurting from walking for a while and standing in line.


I reached my apartment building and went inside to take the elevator, and there was an old man walking out of the building. He got to the door first and opened it for me.

“Thank you, sir,” I said softly. He smiled back and nodded. I made my way over to the elevator and pressed the up button. I pulled my phone out of my pocket to look at the time. It was only 6:17. I had thought that I had wasted a lot more time at the hotdog stand.

The elevator finally opened and I looked up and saw there were about four people in it. Four was a lot compared to normal. I walked on to the elevator and the door closed shortly after I got on. The ride up was complete silence.

When I got to my apartment I opened the door, dropped all of my stuff, took off my shoes, and headed straight for my bedroom. I walked over to my bed and dropped face down.


I woke up feeling sore all over and had a splintering headache. I struggled to get myself up out of bed. I walked into my bathroom to clean myself up for work. I looked in the mirror to realize a bruise on my left cheekbone. I don't remember that. I continued anyway.


I picked up my bag and headed out for work. When I got to work I sat down at my desk and felt a bit off. I suddenly felt hatred for my workplace. I never get anything done here I just sit at my desk and look at numbers. My boss never stops talking and blames me for the dumbest mistakes. Most of the time my coworkers are the ones who are really making big mistakes. My boss is always pissed off and snaps at everybody, but I have to deal with it because this is what I get paid for. I have never quit a job in my life, and I think this might be my first.


I suddenly snapped back to reality “Why are you daydreaming, this is not what you get paid to do, get back to work.”. I turned around quickly “sorry boss”.

He glared at me then walked away. He wanted to fire me, but I could tell he needed me, I was the most productive in the office. Surprisingly he didn't ask about my bruise.


I got out of work feeling fatigued. I don't think I got anything done after my boss yelled at me. When I got to the front door of my building someone who I've never seen came in. I took a quick look at him but he didn’t notice. I don't know why but I always feel like people are watching me, judging me.

I hear police sirens in the distance. The wailing gets closer and closer as I walk. It's very close now. My body gets tense when I hear the engine behind me. The wheels screeched as the car came to a stop next to me.

As they roll up they put their window down. “Stand up and put your hands in the air,” the officer says as he places his hand on his gun. I look around frantically and realize there's a homeless man on the ground sleeping with a gun. “Move along please”.

I walk faster and accidentally scrape the back of my shoe on the pavement. I breathe in. breath out. I thought they were going to take me. What would they take me for? What have I done that's against the law? My throat felt like it had a whole apple in it. I want to get to the safety of my house.


I rolled out of my creaky bed, put my clothes on and cleaned myself up. The heels of my Dr. Martins clicking down the stairs. I turn my side towards the door and push it open with my hip. Right, when I hear the door clap closed, a vehicle starts, a door opens, I get something over on my head, a man grabs me, slams closed. Now I'm in a van. I try and flail my self to get out of their grasp. “Calm down, stop resisting” I heard a voice to my left that sounded like it was coming from a teenager. I let my body go limp  “What's happening? wh-who are you guys?”.

The light slowly gets brighter as they as they slowly pull the bag off my head. “We’re here to protect you, the people who have been following you around have been the people that we’ve sent to watch over you,’’ a man with a raspy voice to my right said.

I've been freaking out for no reason at all. I thought one of the men following me were going to take me or hurt me.

“You’re safe now”.

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