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I knew it was a bad idea as soon as we let her off of her leash. Our little Yorkshire Terrier, Yali, prancing around in the wet blades of grass. She always loved the outdoors, as much as I did. The cool breeze on your face, the trees, creating a canopy of protection above you, and the most precious canine alive, walking beside you. Nothing ever felt more perfect.
I always loved nature until, that is, the day I learned what it can take from you. I’ll never be able to feel the same way I always had when I was outside ever again. Never. Not without her by my side. I’ll never forgive myself for letting her off of her leash that day. I’ll never be able to get the image of her blood-stained carcass out of my mind. It’s been exactly 3 years now since the coyote had it’s feast, and even now, I still see Yali in every dog I lay eyes on. I never will forget the way she smiled and gazed up at me with those soft, black eyes. No dog can ever replace her, and no dog ever will.

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